Essay Sample on Host and Guest in Homer's 'Odyssey'

Published: 2022-12-30
Essay Sample on Host and Guest in Homer's 'Odyssey'
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The guest in homer had been welcomed for a very long time. There were a good relationship and respect until when the warrior returned after finding peace to find that the guest was asking for the hand of his doorstep which destroyed the peace he had come with at home. According to Odyssey who is the warrior the guests had established settlements camps in his kingdom or empire for a very long time which explains that they were a good relationship at one point because they could have been allowed to camp there if it wasn't.

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After the return of the warrior, peace was disrupted and the good relationship is torn." The evil of the suitor is a house of cards" explains that the guest lived in fear or in an insecure state. The reason for the guest to stay in unsecure state is because they have committed sin or evil for requesting for the hand in marriage of the window which was against the rules and justice was to prevail. The guests had to be slaughtered.

The clan was very original or undeveloped and had a religion that viewed the intent to do something as evil did and that's why they are punishing the whole guests and making them feel they deserve to die which is a very unpleasant deed. The host was hospitable at first but the guest took advantage of it and as well as Odyssey's son was looking for him they asked for his wives marriage which was a taboo and it angered him on arrival to his doorstep and decided to punish them according to their primitive law. The hosts began to abuse the laws and hospitality from long which was angering the hosts.

To put everything in order again the guests have to be slaughtered or killed as the indigenous suitors were seen to be cruel, hostile and brutal which is not a good way to treat the host. There were rules made after the son of Odysseus called a meeting that the guest should by their selves and were not allowed to pick or choose wives from the guests. The suitors refused to get out of the house of the Odyssey and ate there and tried to take his wife.

The relationship between the host and the guest is very important because it determined how long they get the hospitality. There were rules and cultures that were there which led to many conflicts between the two groups. There were disputes between the farmers because the guests were hardworking but the land didn't belong to them but they felt like they were part of the community which angered the hosts. The traditions between the two tribes differed and they had a different understanding of how a host should be handled. There were believes that strangers and beggars could be gods sent from heaven and they should be treated with honor, and there might be consequences if they are not treated in that manner.

A couple that had been rejected in very many households and doors closed in their faces was received well in the house of Zeus and Hermes. The couple had only identified themselves as travelers. Odyssey is also perceived as a beggar and a wanderer and Antinous hit him and he is to be ordained in case Odyssey might have been a god sent from heaven.

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