Essay Sample on Elderly Populace and Healthcare Providers

Published: 2022-06-29
Essay Sample on Elderly Populace and Healthcare Providers
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Across the globe, populations are gradually aging. Aging is an inevitable course of life and it not be rendered a negative aspect of life. It presents multiple challenges as well as benefits. One major challenge is the growing needs for primary health care as well as long-term care. As such, more trained healthcare providers consistently champion for the necessity for the environments to be kept more enabling and more age-friendly.

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Aging presents various illnesses such as Alzheimer, arthritis, cancer, pneumonia, and Werner syndrome. Some of these conditions can be managed, treated or prevented. In this regard, agencies which grapple with an aging populace like AARP have invested in the professional workforce to deal with age-related illnesses ("AARP Official Site," n.d.). Their initiatives provide for fitness programs that entail physical activity and mental activities to avert related diseases.

At the AARP, there are gym schedules where the elderly are guided by competent gym attendants who specialize in old-age exercise as well as engaging in mental exercises in which mental games are utilized to jog the brain (Howard, 2016). For example, immersive therapeutic video games and music, web-based game, and computer games. AARP being the largest organization has unified over 30 million elderly Americans ("AARP Official Site," n.d.). This population has close to half of the members still actively involved in work. Besides health issues, the organization helps the elderly with their economic challenges to enhance their security. Most of the programs are long-term and sustainable such as the Ageline.

There is also a comprehensive, accessible online database which presents in-depth summaries of articles. In this system, there are hundreds of magazines, books, reviewed journals, videos and research publications for the elderly populace.

Moreover, one of the AARP's fundamental role is in offering legislative advocacy at state and federal levels. In light of this, the organization enhances the process of the legislative enactment to influence the legal issues of the elderly. In the US, the elderly population is firmly rising, and they are quite vital in shaping political decisions especially that affect employment, social security of the elderly. Additionally, the organization unifies the elderly through health insurance packages with particular discounted prices on automobile rentals and other transport strategies and services. A program on crime prevention and defensive driving is also offered.

The Administration on Aging (AOA) is another dedicated organization with its scope of activities rooted in promoting policy development, design, planning and service distribution for the elderly together with their caregivers ("Administration on Aging," 2017). It implies that the supportive home initiatives and community-based approaches to helping the elderly and the caregivers are facilitated through policy formulation. Through the volunteers, caregivers, National Aging Network of State and Area Agencies on Aging and other local organizations the body establishes a workable plan which promotes unity among the elderly.

At AOA, there are various offices which are each tasked with specific mandates aimed at improving the quality of life for the elderly. The disability program utilizes an evidence-based method to establish and convey relevant information to the public on the accessibility of valuable practices for the aging and disabled and to ascertain the ones that meet their needs significantly ("Administration on Aging," 2017). The program successfully presents details on planning for long-term care necessities for the disabled.

Elderly abuse prevention channel resources towards programs designed to facilitate the objectives of managing federal older people justice efforts. As such, novel prevention and intervention strategies, as well as provision of updated research are conducted through pertinent platforms to the public. The organization has also committed funds through service for the native Americans initiative to support them in nutrition to enhance their health. Older adults require financial assistance since most of them are in the retirement stage. These programs are quite ideal for the elderly population since they improve their lives.


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