Essay Sample on Children's Development Through Superhero and War Games

Published: 2022-06-15
Essay Sample on Children's Development Through Superhero and War Games
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1. How can we use language and literacy to empower children through superhero and war games?

The play takes an important in young children's development especially in figuring out their communication and intellectual ability. Although critics have different perspectives about children engaging in friendly rough-and-superhero games, it is proven otherwise on how these types of play activities help develop children's brain in building social competence (Play to Learn, 2011). Interacting with war and superhero games helps children learn to deal with frustration through repeated problem solving and coordination intellectual skills offered by the desire to achieve certain goals. Playing these demanding games helps children's literacy from the pleasure intrigued by the highly competitive and expectancy elements believed from multiple attempts to achieve the game's goals. Language acquisition attached to playing superhero and war games relate to the susceptibility of children's brain related to empathy and decision making development.

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2. How can we use dialogue to foster a peaceable classroom and promote problem-solving?

Communication is one of the most effective strategies used to create dialogue among conflicting parties. Learning environment requires considerable efforts to promote problem-solving and foster peaceable classrooms (Play to Learn, 2011). There are various measures an educator can take to use dialogue when creating the agreeable classroom environment and problem-solving strategies. Firstly, it is essential to give conflicting parties chances to air their grievances without being judgmental to ensure solutions to problematic issues are long-term (Hart & Nagel, 2017). Again, it is important to create forums where learners interact with peace education and conflict resolution measures to reduce occurrences of conflict and learn adaptable skills on peaceful coexistence.

3. Provide ways that you can support children with language and literacy skills when unwanted social games become violent.

Televised and video-active media have a significant impact on children's learning of valuable traits on cooperation, imitation, and swaying among others. However, it is important that parents, caregivers, and teachers prohibit children's exposure to unwanted social games and extreme violence (Hart & Nagel, 2017). When children are exposed to such unpleasant media it is essential to openly explain the reality on the consequences in order to prevent the children perceiving unrealistic understanding of the impact the media can create in their behavioral conduct. Again, it is important to keep watch of the content of social games materials that children are exposed to, reducing unnecessary exposure to harmful content.


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