Essay on Exploring Learning Experiences: Outdoor Activities, Music, Art, and Math for Children

Published: 2023-11-08
Essay on Exploring Learning Experiences: Outdoor Activities, Music, Art, and Math for Children
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The children can develop healthier and more active lifestyles since it gives them the chance to engage in various forms of physical activity, move freely, and develop a sense of well-being. In an outdoor environment, children have adequate space which enables them to explore and interact with the environment as well as the learning materials provided. The learning experience in this area is thus observation.

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Music and Movement

Music plays a very vital role in children's growth and development. In fact, children start reacting to music very early in life and in most cases, even before they are able to speak and crawl. The main benefit of children learning through music and movement is that they can release their energy. Music also makes the children more creative, enhances their social skills, and have fun. The targeted learning experience is improved communication as well as social skills.

Creative art

Creative art opens up children to new dimensions and allows them to express themselves through their imaginations. Because creative art demands the children to use their senses and imaginations, this area plays a vital role in cognitive development and mind and arms coordination. In this area, the aimed experience is for the children to hold the crayons properly and draw a picture of their own imagination.


Mathematical knowledge and skills are vital, especially in the adult life. Therefore, these skills need to be developed from an early age. It provides the children with skills that help them solve problems, determine their spatial awareness, as well as how best to make use of different shapes. The learning experience that the learners are expected to gain in this field is counting.

Description of the Experience


In the course of the lesson, the children are expected to see different insects. They also appeared more active than when within the classroom. In this area, the children should sing nature-related songs, share stories of what they know about nature, make moldings, and have general play in a free environment.

Music and movement

The children are expected to sing three songs all of which will involve body movements like clapping, dancing, and jumping. The songs involved are expected to excite the children’s emotions and improve movement, balance, and coordination.

Creative art

The children will be provided with crayons, a drawing book, and a piece of plasticine. The children are expected to express their imaginations through drawing and molding. Although the children may not make very clear drawings or models, the aim is to open up the children to new dimensions through which they can express their imaginations and emotions.


When performing music, creative, and nature activities, the children will be required to observe several mathematical aspects. For example, when singing, children will clap tree times after which they will be required to jump once. This activity will be done in a rhythmical manner so that it remains fun. The children will also be required to count the number of crayons provided to them and repeat this when returning the crayons.

Potential Learning for the Children


Through their study of nature and the environment, they get to realize and appreciate the interdependence between all living species, i.e., humans, animals, plants and different cycles of life and thus the importance of protecting the environment. For example, the children will learn how to take care of the environment by collecting all the materials they use and discarding them appropriately.

Music and Movement

Through music and movement, will learn how best to express their emotions and become more creative. In addition, the children will improve body balance and coordination.

Creative Art

Creative art will expose the children to varying textures, colors, as well as tastes. The children will also be able to express themselves through imagination, be able to think and become more creative


Through mathematical activities, the children will be able to identify different shapes like triangle, circle and squire. In addition, the children will also learn the different numbers from zero to nine.


The children are provided with crayons, plasticines, clear cone cups, both clear and colored water, drawing books, and skipping rope. The time required to perform these activities is one hour. However, appropriate resting periods should be allowed between the activities. These activities will be performed in an outdoor environment which will ensure adequate space for each child to move freely.

My role during the experience

My role will be to guide the children in performing the activities and ensure that all children are safe. I will also observe the general reaction of the children as well as how they interact with each other in order to plan for improvements or modifications in the subsequent lessons.

Reflective Questions to Complete After Learning Experience

  1. Were the children engaged in the experience? How do you know this?
  2. Did children demonstrate or practice emerging skills, interests, ideas?

Potential next steps resulting from this experience

Yes, they were fully engaged in the experience, as I kept asking them interactive questions based on what they were interacting with within the environment. According to my observation, all the children were focused on the experiences that I provided to them, and most of them were seen consulting and helping each other during the experiences. Some children also practiced emerging skills and interests like performing modern dance, experimentation, and modeling. From this experience, the next step is to develop a more complex and engaging experience that will demand the children to work in groups when performing a task. This task will help them improve on social skills and creativity.

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