Essay Example on Internet Privacy, Available for Free

Published: 2022-07-27
Essay Example on Internet Privacy, Available for Free
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The collection of data is not a breach of privacy for the following reasons,

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Data that you provide with no control is useful to the specific website for some specific reasons' such as, security investigation where they will be forced to disclose the information about you that they held. Also, websites benefit from the information they hold by processing it using analytics. They use the analytics of the information to identify ways through which people use their websites and the information they mostly associate with. This helps them report to the owners of the firm of the usefulness of their content and eventually, see through the organizational plans of action.

Some websites also hold data from their consumers for communication with their supporters, data shared is useful in the notification of certain selected areas of their domain, newsletters are sent, the signing of petitions is also available, joining of actions created by them, and many other campaign-related activities. This all helps the website owners to have you engage with their content and somehow assist one to be part of their campaigns. Normally the website owners ask whether they can contact you directly on fundraising matters.

Websites also hold personal data in the event that they would wish to contact you. Having the knowledge of your country aids in the knowledge if they are a tangible number of followers or supporters in that particular country. This, for instance, aids in the better understanding if they can come with information in foreign languages. This kind of information is usually accessible by asking and not for any other additional needs.

The websites also use the information they hold for their users to know if the user is interested in their website. This helps them direct content to you. Some fields of concern that they are mostly concerned with are if you're interested in the protection of human rights in Latin and if you may want to get resources relayed to education.

Websites hold data when one, for instance, participates in their campaigns. The campaigning nature and action in some occasion may require them to hold your information on the fact that you were a part of the campaign and that record helps them with their petition target. As far as the petition is active, your information will be held and made known to others. (Farney, T. 2013).

The Next Pieces of Information Likely To Be Collected By Websites Are;

Web analytics collects web information from which the user browses; these include log file information such as the visited page and the last page to exit.

Should There Be A Means On When And How Transferring Information About Yourself To The Website?

There Should Be a Means to the Transfer Of Information For The Following Reasons,

Website analytics have the mandate to disclose to the users of their website on what data they collect and how the data is collected and processed. This aspect is stipulated against their operations conditions and the following are the reasons why they should disclose their data processing to their users;

Reveal Information about them as the website owners

The website user should have the knowledge of whose website he is browsing at; this information should be disclosed to the user as it enables the user to have full knowledge of the sources of the website. This helps the user in reference whenever there is a need. The group or persons responsible for a website must give out this information for protection of data law.

It is the users Right and data subjects,

In respect to the processing of data to be explained in more terms, users and subjects to data should have the chance to confirm if the information involving them is processed. Other related information such as the data on the process, extra information on the behavior of the processing of the data, and finally copies should also be provided to re-access data not completed. (Beasley, M. 2013). In the process that data is deleted, users should be provided with such information, or otherwise, if further data processing is required, the users too should be on the know. Users can file disagreements with the head authority if there be that data regarding them is in the process by the website controller illegally resulting to data protection breach.

How Critical Are the Information to the Survival of a Company? The pieces of information collected through web analytics is aids in the survival of a business as it acts as the backbone of all marketing efforts in digital form. It primarily encloses the data on visitor's interaction on the website, and if you lack this then, finds no way when the website is useful to reach your set goals and whether marketing forces are giving outcomes that matter.


Web analytics is a tool that has helped web owners to hold important information on their users that are useful in their operations as business organizations. However, they are also mandated to disclose such information to their users as stipulated in the law.


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