Essay Example on How to Market Yourself on the Job Market

Published: 2023-03-07
Essay Example on How to Market Yourself on the Job Market
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Neil Borden came up with the term 'marketing mix' to incorporate all the necessities for product or service promotion's unique selling point. E. Jerome McCarthy refined Borden's model to the "4P's" of marketing. Essentially, the Four P's model defines marketing strategy in terms of Product, Price, Promotion, and Place (Todorova and Gergana 368). In this article, we will apply the 4Ps in developing a successful marketing strategy to sell me on the job market.

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As a potential employee in the job market, my business management knowledge will play a key role in reaching out to employers. The target job market I would specifically put effort into is online businesses. In recent times, technology has gained a fair share as a factor that contributes to economic growth (Kingsnorth and Simon). As a result, managing a business and being able to employ online marketing skills such as search engine optimization would give me an advantage in the job market.

Digital marketing involves placing a product in the right place and at the right time, where product demand is equally high and at the same time satisfies the customer needs (Baker, and Michael 25-42). A business owner, for example, a cloth line that sells imported clothes and shoes, would probably want a business manager who can oversee the business and at the same time be able to drive in sales via eCommerce. Incorporating business management and technology in any business is a guaranteed win for my potential employer.

Marketing to a starting up entrepreneur seems like an easy to swallow task. In reality, it is indeed a daunting task that involves great timing, research, and commitment. If any element happens to miss out then a very promising service or product will considerably fail. Pricing is one such element that determines the sales generation of a product. Based on the consumer, in this case, my employer, the perceived value of the knowledge and skills I have to offer will determine my pricing. It thus imperative for me to make the employer understand incorporating online marketing strategies to managing the business. Plans of distribution, markups and value chain cost equally affect product pricing (Kotler, et al.).

How do I make myself available to the consumer or potential employer? Promotion is key to marketing communication. I would use communication channels such as direct marketing, that is; approach business owners, advertising through social media networks for example; Facebook and Twitter, and public relations through attending trade fairs or business-related forums to meet target customers. I will share my professional portfolio of previous success achieved in businesses that have arguably shown growth using my business acumen. Clear communication of the benefits I will bring to the employer will enable me to stand out from other competitors.

Similar to distribution- personnel who will help me by sharing myself as a product to the consumer (the employer), the right place is critical to successful job seeking. The most crucial distribution channel is my networks. People and places such as previous workmates, colleagues, formal meetings and any relatable gathering.

Sajid argues that change in today's marketing environment has not affected the foundation of marketing (2016). Focus on the "Four P's" within the digital age is a sure success. Looking back at past distribution methods, we learn that they were balanced unique promotional strategies. Focusing on all the "four P's" element is vital in the job market.

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