Essay Sample on Entrepreneurialism

Published: 2023-01-15
Essay Sample on Entrepreneurialism
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Generally, the nature of an organization can be broadly viewed in two different major ways, namely; organization as a process and secondly organization as a framework or structure of the relationship (Arshed & Danson 2016). However, in this case, the current nature of the organization is referred to as "organization as a process."

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Organization as a process

When viewed as a process, an organization serves as an executive function whereby it becomes a managerial function as a result of the following activities:

  • Grouping of interrelated activities;
  • Division of work;
  • Assigning various duties to individuals with requisite competence;
  • Constantly determining certain activities which are useful specifically for the accomplishments of the business activities;
  • Helps in delegating various duties;
  • Assists in co-coordinating the efforts of various individuals plus groups.

Moreover, whenever we consider the organization as a process, then it's a function of every manager. The act of organizing is always recognized as a continuous process since it goes on throughout the lifetime of an organization (Arshed & Danson 2016).

Secondly, the creative measures can enhance the activities of an organization by constantly reviewing as well as re-assigning of the duties, constantly recruiting the right personnel by taking them through a vigorous training exercise for them to be competent enough to handle different tasks. Also, it involves dividing work rationally as well as integrating the various activities with work situations (Arshed & Danson 2016).

The Strategic Plan for Altering the Organization

Strategic planning is paramount to an organization since it provides a clear direction as well as measurable goals. Also, it's a tool that is essential, especially in guiding day-to-day decisions, and most importantly, for evaluating progress and changes (Arshed & Danson 2016). Therefore, the strategic plan for altering an organization's plan can be broken down into the following steps; planning, implementation, monitoring, and lastly review.

In the planning phase, the organization manager creates its strategic vision into more concrete, objectives, and time-bound. Thus, research and testing are vital in this phase. Moreover, in the implementation stage, ensure the change is put into action as per the set plans. However, monitoring is more of a continuous activity, which significantly helps managers to gain insight into how well their established plans are functioning and pinpoint potential issues (Arshed & Danson 2016). Lastly, in the review phase, managers are a task to analyze information gotten from monitoring activities after that decide whether the strategy needs to be changed again.

Infusion Theory and Concepts

Infusion theory is generally understood a process that affects the business models, structure, content, the dimension of the transaction, and governance. Thus, the service related to a business model is widely explained by underlying knowledge of conversion of mechanisms which provides insights into various developments (Arshed & Danson 2016). On the other hand, the concept of service defusion is essential in capturing a firm's strategic options concerning transaction content, important business partners, and transaction governance (Arshed & Danson 2016).

Tactical Mechanics of Change

The tactical mechanics of change involves the following steps:

  • Leading by example
  • The better way to demonstrate change is simply through an example; for instance, one should be the change he wishes to see in the world. To achieve this in an organization, managers must be supportive and receptive (Arshed & Danson 2016).
  • Creation of a movement among the staff, especially through training and communication. For example, training staff is important in design thinking as well as innovative skill training.
  • Create spaces to adopt tools that support the new way of working.

The expected results and timeline for making a difference

There are several positive effects which are associated with changes in strategy. Thus, the new strategic change can help the organization to adapt to various changes more so in the legal environments as well as the marketplace. Also, strategies can enable an organization to perform more cost-efficiently or effectively, thereby entering in a more profitable market segment (Arshed & Danson 2016). Lastly, the timeline for making a difference usually varies as a result of various activities laid down by an organization.


Arshed, N., & Danson, M. (2016). Enterprise: Concepts and issues.

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