Enterprise Data Mgmt: Enhancing Business Ops & Profitability - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-14
Enterprise Data Mgmt: Enhancing Business Ops & Profitability - Essay Sample
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Enterprise data management comprises the organization of data in a manner that makes it easier for the organization to access vital information to help it enhance its business operations (Olson & Marakas, 2010. On the basis of the provided information, the organization can easily analyze their businesses and develop a business plan to ensure that the business makes profits in the future. For instance, Starbucks runs its business in various countries, and for it to analyze its business, it needs to use certain tools and technology for it to understand the performance of its products in the market (McKnight, 2014). Starbucks often produces an enormous amount of data on a daily basis hence making it significant to manage its data and conduct analysis to help it make an effective business strategy.

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DAMA-DMBOK framework refers to organizing structure that helps in promoting data management consistency (DAMA International, 2017). It offers numerous functions and makes data management less time consuming, as well as more flexible. Besides, it offers a standard definition for frequently used data management functions, roles, deliverables, as well as other terminologies (DAMA International, 2017). It creates consensus for generally build an application view of data management functions.

Concerning data management, data storage refers to obtaining data from end-users and storing them in the database. The database ensures that the data are arranged properly as well as securely stored; this way numerous databases are having data obtained from several users are stored in common storage known as a data warehouse, the process is referred to as data integration (McKnight, 2014). The data present in the data warehouse is then analyzed by experts who access the information concerning the losses or profits made by the business, as well as products that were sold least and most. The organization will make strategies based on the information obtained so as to realize more profits (Aiken et al., 2016). While organizing data, developers undergo several steps that render data management time consuming and complex. In order to mitigate these complexities, numerous frameworks have been developed to make data management less time consuming and flexible (McKnight, 2014); this helps developers to easily implement data management since the framework offers some ready-made functions.

Conclusively, data plays a vital role in any decision making. Organizations, therefore, have to ensure that data go through various steps before they can be exposed for consumption to the end-users. Moreover, several frameworks, such as DAMA-DMBOK, are readily available to help simplify enterprise information management.


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