BodyArmour Drink Strengths and Weaknesses. Free Essay.

Published: 2019-10-15
BodyArmour Drink Strengths and Weaknesses. Free Essay.
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BODYARMOR It is a beverage that contains vitamins and high content of electrolytes, which are very useful in ones body.

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it was working in tandem with Coca Cola Company but later on it became independent and it is now running its own activities and marketing of the products using their brand name.

It uses different approaches to appeal to its customers as it is facing very stiff competition from its immediate competitor producing the same product in the market.

BodyArmour can be used by all, irrespective of their gender and age.

another attributing factor that increases sales because it is widely accepted and appreciated by both genders due to its high content of vitamins and electrolytes.

Kobe Bryant is one of its greatest supporters as he has invested at least $4 to $6 million in the company, a fact that boosts the day to day operation of the said firm.

Ideally, it has seven drinks flavor namely lemon lime, orange mango, and strawberry banana, tropical punch, mixed berry, fruit punch, and grape.

. One may purchase the said products online and the delivery would be done instantaneously.

it has a reputable slogans duped upgrade your sports drink.

This beverage is highly recommended by the medics due to its high nutritious content as it contains all the required vitamins that one ought to have or take on daily basis therefore becoming one of the best beverages to take.

The prices of their products are high.

Body armor has limited distribution stores

Similarly, it has not extensively created awareness to reach diversified parts of the world.

Limited delis, stores, and franchises.

Heavily relines on online means of advertisement instead of synchronizing both online and offline.

Gatorade It has existed for long in the market and thereby it is at a better reputation in the market.

An affiliate company of coca cola was endorsed in 1965.

Gatorade has more stores worldwide and t widely known as compared to the products of the same level.

A vast company deals with nutritious beverages.

It keeps on rebranding its product go appeal to the clients.

It has failed to adopt modern means of advertisements such as online.

It is reluctant to advertise its brand since it is an affiliate of coca cola.

Powerade Powerade was founded in 1965 and it majorly marketed by Coca cola Company.

It keeps on rebranding its products to meet the needs of the customers.

In 1988, it became the official drink for athletes a fact that boosted its sales and increased its cognition worldwide widening its market.

It further expanded its market by owning Glaceau. It is made of sugar, salt and syrup a fact that makes the client questions whether it has met given health threshold.

It ceases producing some of its earliest flavors such as orange tangerine.

It has not extensively created awareness to reach diversified parts of the world.

It has limited distribution stores worldwide.

CoCo Vita Water It is a registered firm.

Coco vita water is made from coconut liquid and it has gained much accolade from celebrities and other reputable people. It has fewer flavors as compared to other products of the same nature form other companies.

The idea of using coconut is becoming infamous.

Stiff competition from Powerade and Gatorade

Overlying on online means of advertisements

The form has failed to use appropriate means to advertise it on the global market and therefore it is not widely known in the market.


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