Essay Sample: Does Religion Have a Place in Public Life

Published: 2019-12-13
Essay Sample: Does Religion Have a Place in Public Life
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One of the news articles on the intercultural conflict is focused on the conflict based on theology and culture, with the topic being Does religions have a place in public life. About Canadians and Canada as a country, focusing in the spirit of multiculturalism, Canada has created space and opportunities in a global worlds view as compared to the past. Though when it comes to different religious values conflict arises, with serious debate to whether allow religion to be included in the public policy and the public stage, with a question mark to whether religion has a room in the public life.

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Considering the Canadian news, religion as a topic has not been recognized and doesnt appear in the Canadian news. Though for a given period, the headline has been hit by the question religion. This is a conflict between some individuals on whether religion should be imposed on people or be kept as a private issue the way it has existed in the past. This has fueled and awaken public discussion to a topic that in the recent period, been taking place privately. The transfer of power and leadership from Pope Benedict with the expectation of identifying the new pope has come up with anticipation that is above the ranks of the community of Catholic. With the Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada opening the new office of the religious freedom. The move has been troubling some, and to some, its good news. Lastly, the decision by the supreme court about the case between William Whatcott and Saskatchewan who is the human rights commission, focusing on individual's religious values against one secular belief (Does Religion Have a Place in Public Life? - Home | Cross Country Checkup).

The article can provide an example of intercultural cooperation such as other people moving from their countries to Canada as a result of suffering and oppression as a result of religion in their countries. This shows how Canada has put in place legislation rules to embrace individuals from different backgrounds with the different religion. About the past performance of religion, religion has been negatively moving to a lesser formal part of the public sphere and its being viewed as a personal and private domain (Slater). On the other hand, the multiculturalism of Canada has come up with a suitable environment that that can tolerate customs, traditions, and beliefs. One area where friction in the public sphere is a religion with role religion is playing in the Canadian society becoming an extreme heat (Adelman and Anctil). Generally, in Canada, the application of religious symbols in the public square has fueled tension between communities in Canadian, with Muslim and Christian veils in soccer fields and schools creating a threat to the public display of faith.

Generally, as an international student, this can cause real culture shock since Canada has created a suitable environment that is able to tolerate customs, beliefs, traditions and even beliefs. Ideally, an international business student can learn the importance of embracing different religion and perceiving them to be all important legislative wise, this embrace peace and promote a stable environment where morals, democracy come first before religion. Since Canada is offer freedom when it comes to embracing the different religion, many immigrants are now coming to Canada to escape suffering caused by religious oppression in their countries (Scott).As an international student Canada through legislation has prevented wars that normally result from differences produced by religion. The findings such as real law are so important in that they can be applied to solve problems that typically arise as a result religion such as wars on Muslims against Christians.

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