Free Essay with the Discussion on the URSCI Exposition

Published: 2017-08-10
Free Essay with the Discussion on the URSCI Exposition
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The URSCI Exposition was big enlightenment to me. I had a great experience, and I am looking forward to the next expo. Almost all the presentations I happened to attend deeply motivated me. The expo also made me look at things from different perspectives and understand them better. For example, I attended a presentation titled Electric Stimulation of Muscles for Treatment of Major Pain.' Pain, especially acute pain, is not an interesting phenomenon for any patient. Sometimes, painkillers are not very effective in treating such chronic pain. Treatment of this kind of a pain using electrodes can be very successful. Electrodes are placed on those muscles areas experiencing pain, and then they can be stimulated using electricity. Alternating regulated voltage helps to ease the pain in a muscle. This technology is still new, and research is still ongoing on how to improve it.

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The expo was extremely beneficial to my learning. I got to hear everything from the experts themselves. I have appreciated my studies more since I have seen the real importance of learning. I understood for example that pain could be eliminated 100% in future; for example, labor when I attended the presentation on how to relief pain using electricity. Learning of the NURS 323 Evidence-based Practice and Nursing Research has been made easier and interesting. I would certainly recommend such expos to anyone conducting nursing research. Listening to everything from the experts is always the best way to learn.

Part 2; Responding to other posts

Nicholas McGowan, I also saw the conspicuous giant brick wall lines. I was still wondering if all the barbed what the barbed wires around the wall symbolized. But it seems it shows some barrier and the divide that exists between the immigrants and the natives. In so many parts of the world, immigrants have to constantly persevere with injustices and xenophobic attacks such as in the case of South Africa. This painful reality should be addressed even in our nation to extend justice to everybody.


Nina A,

I also agree with you. Immigration to the US is always a challenge. A lot of people come to the US since its considered a land of opportunities. I wonder if Donald Trump is too mean with immigrants. Take for example the Mexican border wall he is trying to build. And then also the deportation threats he has issued to illegal immigrants. Some of these people were even brought up in the US and had no other place to call home. It is a challenge, and I wonder what hopes do illegal immigrants have in the US.

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