Digital Automation: Google's Top Solutions for Global Society - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-11
Digital Automation: Google's Top Solutions for Global Society - Essay Sample
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In this digital era, technology has become a vital aspect of a global society. It is frequently applied by human beings to provide exceptional solutions to any social challenge affecting human activities. In this perspective, the application of automation has been made a priority in Google settings. Generally, Google is one of the top brands and global organizations that have provided multiple solutions to their customers in the entire world through the use of automated technology (Birdsall, 2014). Even though Google Company is commonly known for a wide variety of solutions they have offered through web search engines and advertisement technology for e-commerce and e-business activities, Google has participated in multiple research and development projects worth billions of money.

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Similarly, Google Company has facilitated the introduction and use of various technologies in search of viable solutions to the social issues affecting human beings. Therefore, this article analyzes various Google Technologies under current research studies and development to help people find solutions to various social problems (Sharma & Kumar, 2017). These research and development projects consist of the advanced related technology projects, which vary from the self-driving automobile technologies, Google Fiber Technologies, Project Wing Technologies, as well as Google Glass technologies to the Renewable Energy technologies. Hence, achievement of all these Google Technologies will lead to positive impacts in the global society as people will be able to find amicable solutions to their social issues affecting them.

Self-Driven Cars Technology

Description of this Technology

Usually, a self-driven automobile is specifically intended to carry two individuals from a certain point to another without any human interactions. This particular car is controlled by using a smartphone to come and carry two passengers from a given point to the predetermined place of destination set (Richtel & Dougherty, 2015). Again, these self-driven automobiles do not possess a routing wheel or physical control just as previous manual vehicles. However, it is controlled by a device from one point to another. The automated vehicles have a start key as well as another red key for any emergency stop.

Additionally, the front view of these self-driven automobiles have screens that indicate present weather event as well as speed and count estimates energy for initiation. Also, as soon as this automated car completes its journey in its journey of transporting passengers, the minute screen in front of the two passengers exhibits a message informing the two passengers to take their belonging, that they have reached their destinations (Richtel & Dougherty, 2015). Notably, those self-drive vehicles are not alternate for manual vehicles. However, they are possible alternative of driven vehicles such as Taxi cars without human being getting involved or driving.

This automated vehicle is motorized by the electric motor at 100 miles range. Similarly, this automobile vehicle employs amalgamation of software used as well as sensors to determine its physical location via application of greater definition modern maps. Moreover, this vehicle also employs GPS device in its system, which is similar to navigation satellite in several cars to help locate the automated car. Therefore, in this situation, the radar, lasers, and digital cameras are applied to examine the external surroundings at 360 degrees (Birdsall, 2014). The use of the software installed in this particular self-driving car can detect and distinguish between individuals, objects, and other vehicles along the highway, construction activities among others. This software device is programmed to abide by the various traffic rules and policies, and capable of controlling multiple unpredictable hazardous events, which consist of the cyclists, animals, and pedestrians crossing over the highway. Besides, the car is also able to detect various roadblocks, road construction activity, and then, pass safely by moving around at low speed around the road construction site.

Possible Problems of Self-Driving Cars

Concerning security of the vehicle, the present condition of Google's automobile vehicles displays various transformations. Although the new structure of this car is yet to be tested, the Google Company has tested this particular car in about 1000 miles and more in the State of California in different complicated events as well as towns consisting of busy streets in the city and hills. This automobile vehicle moves at a controlled speed of about 25 m/hr (Birdsall, 2014). Hence, this means that the car movement is limited to some road highways. Even though low speed reduces kinetic energy, this particular car could accommodate during the head-on collision with another object. The low-speed factor gives rise to a commonly asked question regarding the accuracy of the software device as well as the sensor at a greater speed (Richtel & Dougherty, 2015). Similarly, modern self-driving cars manufactured by the Google Company cannot move on the highways under the usual circumstances due to tremendously low and controlled speeds. Although Waymo’s self-driving cars can move appropriately via different conditions, they disengage due to the software inconsistency.

Recommendations to Solve Possible Problems

Typically, Waymo can enhance the power of its self-driving cars to increase its maximum speed. In this case, the car will be able to travel on major highways within the busy towns, cities, and roads (Birdsall, 2014). Similarly, the software and sensor system's detecting, as well as response speed, should be enhanced so as the car can appropriately function at a higher speed. The use of the software device should be developed to prevent unnecessary disengagement because of the unexpected conduct during movement along a highway.

Outcomes of Automobile Vehicles in the Society

Indeed, automobile vehicles are foreseen to be most appropriate substitute for current human-driven Taxis. Rather than personally driving, the people on board can do other constructive activities while on the journey. Hence, they help eliminate the period wasted on the traffic while driving (Birdsall, 2014). Similarly, because the electric motor drives this car, it emits a large number of carbon fumes into the atmosphere. This aspect means that the car will minimize the emissions of carbon on the traffic. Also, road accidents that usually happen because of the drivers' faults will highly decrease in society when these self-driving cars are put into practice (Richtel & Dougherty, 2015). Thus, this aspect will significantly minimize the mortality rate and damages.

Nevertheless, the unexpected software breakdown can cause serious accidents. Consequently, automated self-driving cars imply that taxi drivers and many employees in the transportation sector will lose their jobs. This challenge might lead to a high negative economic impact on society.

Project Wing Technology

Explanation of the Technology

Based on its definition, Project Wing is a code name for the Google Company's drone delivery services, and the organization launched three years ago. In this situation, the Google Company initially established portable delivery service receptacles that would operate together with the recommended delivery drone (Ilker, 2015). Typically, these automated transporting vessels are created in the form of remote boxes with four wheels to help them move on the floor. These secluded boxes can effectively communicate with their flying delivery drone devices and direct them via the infrared beacons as well as other aspects. The remote box positions the delivery drone, whereby it flies to the floor level to move its package into the mobile and automated delivery receptacles (Sharma & Kumar, 2017).

Consequently, the box up is positioned safely inside isolated box, which in turn scribbles a secured holding place. It is assumed that as soon as the mobile and automated drone receptacle deliver the package to a secured location, the client can take it home. On the other hand, the courier services on the ground can transport the given package to the client's destination.

Possible Problems of the Project Wing Technology

Generally, the drone delivery may be at a high risk of malfunctions due to harsh conditions of weather, and as a result, leads to non-delivery of the package to the client on time. Indeed, this becomes a significant concern for the safety and efficiency of the system regarding the observance of the existing policies and laws of delivery (Sharma & Kumar, 2017). Another problem involves airspace-traffic management, which may consist of several companies and their stakeholders. The creation and growth of the delivery service systems are highly expensive, and project profitability remains a significant issue. Overall, drone delivery service displays several technical problems concerning sense, barrier prevention, as well as self-directed movement.

Recommendations to Solve Possible Problems

First, Project Wing Management should involve several stakeholders as they proceed to establish a drone delivery service system bearing in mind that it will be part and parcel of the air transport system. To achieve its comprehensive implementation process, Project Wing Technology should obey and observe all the established policies and laws in the aviation sector, consisting of the NASA policies and rules (Ilker, 2015). Additionally, Project Wing should participate in regular tests as well as improvements to ensure that its automated delivery system displays excellent sensitivity as well as response to the barrier such as harsh weather conditions to promote its efficiency in service delivery.

Outcomes of the Project Wing to Society

When this Google Technology project fully implemented, the speed issue of transportation plays a significant responsibility in the present business ecosystem. In contrast, the replacement of road-related couriers with transportation services minimizing carbon emissions into the ecosystem. Based on adverse outcomes, it will be needless for the courier machines, airplanes, vehicles, and boats to transport and delivering products, which might increase the rate of unemployment (Ilker, 2015). Nevertheless, not all businesses can depend on drones' delivery services due to their restricted packaging weight. Also, with the improper security strategies, the drone can fail in delivering the package, it is programmed to give to the intended customer.

Smart Contact Lenses Technology

Explanation of the Google Technology

Overall, Smart Contact Lenses Technologies seem to be an assumption with high endpoints based on its characteristics. Since it seems like a narrative, smart contact lenses technology's growth for the future in the project was developed by the Google Company. The primary goal of this particular technology is to offer super-human vision and other characteristics like head-up depictions, medical sensors, quality video cameras, and many others. Besides, the lenses are created through the use of a wireless chip as well as a glucose sensor (Choi & Park, 2017). They have small pin which enables the tear fluid to flow into the sensor to measure the blood sugar level. Again, a material of the lens is then sandwiched between the two sensors with the electronic modules lying on both sides of the eye pupils as well as eye iris in avoiding eye injury. Generally, the smart contact lens contains thin wireless that controls the communication and the exchange of information between the lenses and the external surroundings (Lee et al., 2017). Again, the wireless device offers power for information and communication via RFID Technology.

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