Essay Sample on Differentiating Music

Published: 2019-09-17 04:03:17
Essay Sample on Differentiating Music
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On a presentation, there were two live and formal presentations. The first one depicted what is referred to as a wicked performance presented at Broadway while the next one was a live performance by Nate Ruess. The first performance being a wicked one belongs to a group of musical theatre that mostly deals with romantic type of songs. Accompanied with stringed instruments such as the guitar and the harp, the band tried to bring the harmony in the songs during the performances. The promotion of Nate Ruess album The Great Romantic is a clear attest that romantic songs are held in confidential or rather closed set ups such as the theatres rooms. Romantic songs in this case are also associated with the younger generation that Mr. Ruess appeals to with his electric performances on stage. The live performances have a peculiar tempo where the stringed instruments would definitely be aligned to a given melody all through the performance. Something peculiar with the performance was the fact that from the start of the performance the rhythm of the instruments comes into harmony with the artistes vocal prowess, quickly the artiste reaches or rather hits the highest pitch and signals the climax of the whole performance. The mood engulfing the performance was a lowers from frenzy to a bit dull, not until the first string of the guitar starts over again. In this case where choice of songs would depend on the prevalent mood of the individuals who had attended the concert, the band could stop at every climax of the favorite songs enjoyed by the crowd. The band was therefore convinced into play all the songs that existed I the entire album.

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In the second scenario that involved the attendance of live performance during the introduction of the online course at Medgar Evers College, there existed two live performances that were held in Reykjavik, Iceland. Both performances depicted informal musical settings with the variations in circumstances. The live performance portrayed a lot of composure as the informal setting is also meant to show patriotism. Contrary to the first performance the difference in genres also brought a sharp difference on to the instruments that were at play. The live performance employed the use of brass instruments and a little of the voice instruments especially the trumpets. The crowd sang along with the band in complete harmony as the melody and rhythm dictated by the band was already known to the crowd. Apart from the smaller crowd that made use of the bar, they danced and never sang along with the band. In the first event, it involves an open public performance that depicts part of a larger program meant to celebrate Independence Day in Iceland. The second one involved a smaller group inside a bar, and had no restrictions as there were no charges involved for entry. The two different scenes had different genres of music where they had their origins from South Eastern Europe as the other originated from North America. With these dynamics, it is apparent that the phonics would be variable with the origins presented in this case. Contrary to the first instance of the theatrical-based performance the two live performances in the Icelands case depicted the romantic mood of the songs played, the latter had portrayed more sensible lyrics out to promote patriotism for ones country.

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