Performance Management Essay Sample

Published: 2021-03-15
Performance Management Essay Sample
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Describe the elements of an effective performance management and review process.

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Performance management is a vital management tool and is one of the key aspects of human resource management. Its links organizational strategy to individual work efforts and is performed by managers, human resource professionals, and business leaders. Performance management as a process integrates aspects related to human resource, strategy, planning, and managing. Effective performance appraisal and review process achieve the intended organizational goals. Employees also focus towards the achievement of organizational goals, vision, and mission (Srivastava, 2013). This paper is a discussion of the components of an effective management and review process and suggestions on how it can be improved. Performance management and review process have several components that include; planning, feedback, reward and objective appraisals.

Planning- Organizational supervisors and managers identify, discuss and set performance plans. Effective planning clearly outlines the duties, and the standards employees are supposed to attain. It ensures that organizational goals are captured within the various functional heads and that they follow "SMART" framework (Srivastava, 2013). Managers also share their goals and expectations to employees and outcomes of achieving them are explained.

Continuous Feedback-Feedback is an important component of effective performance management. Continuous feedback enables employees to evaluate themselves and creates awareness to employees whether they are contributing to the goals and objectives of an organization. It also indicates areas that should be improved. Continuous feedback includes simple gestures of appreciation. Open and transparent feedbacks to employees enable managers to guide their employee's careers in the organization. It also facilitates employee's progression through training needs analysis, coaching, mentoring and the creation of opportunities (Wikina, 2008). It also ensures that necessary support for performance is extended.

Question two

Assess your current or former organization's process, and suggest how the process could be improved.

The process of management of an organization can be improved through:

Reward- Performance appraisal without reward and recognition is incomplete. Apart from performance review and management process, formal rewards also motivate employee towards meeting their performance targets. Through rewards and recognition employees, the behavior is modeled. This motivates employees to make a continuous contribution to the organizational goals. However, various reward and recognition methods used by organizations should be fair and equitable and should be based on formal records of employees with outstanding performances (Wikina, 2008). This is important to avoid organizational politics.

Objective Appraisal-The reviewing process of organizations objectives should be transparent, objective, and regular and based on specific standards identified by managers and supervisors in advance. Performance management includes periodic monitoring where managers guide employees on their duties and responsibilities to increase their probability of achieving their targets (Wikina, 2008). Managers are also required to apply these standards uniformly to all employees and ensure the integrity of the process and ensure fair promotion.

Most modern organizations are functional and hierarchical. Problems encompassed with these organizations include poor coordination, limited communication, and isolation of departments. Managers get problems when they want to get the thing done because work is often fragmented and compartmentalized. The process of organization and management provides a likely solution.


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