Defining Moments - Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-25
Defining Moments - Essay Example
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My life is an exciting story. Growing up in a neighborhood full of lively children is as exciting as it seems to be. Playing together with my mates, swimming, bike riding, and watching cartoons is very interesting. I love my siblings as we could all join the neighborhood children in playing, and this meant a lively childhood with no rivalry. We had all the attention of our parents and could gladly go to good schools in the state. We also had all we ever wanted as our parents were financially stable. They would get us gifts every birthday or any other special day on the calendar. We also got to hang out with our parents most of the weekends. Therefore, we did not feel any form of parental negligence while growing up.

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Likes and Dislikes

One of my favorite hobbies was and still is playing video games. My father introduced me to video games on my sixth birthday. I was used to usual cartoon movies, dinners, or pules. However, he told me I had been in my best behavior for the past year, and there were no cases of me fighting with my mates as it was in the previous year. Thus, he found it worthwhile to appreciate my positive change of morals with video games. Since then, I would receive a video game each birthday accompanied by other gifts. I have loved video games since then, and as an adult, I hope to start my video game shop in our neighborhood.

Other than video games, I also love playing the piano. My sister likes singing and is quite creative. When she was fifteen, she once asked me to accompany her to an event at her school. While there, I saw how the pianist was tuning her vocals and fell in love with the piano. After the game, I confidently asked the pianists to teach me some of the basics. For the following two months, I would attend piano lessons at my school until I became good at it. I play the piano in my apartment, at school, and at our local church. All my life, I have not hated anything, in particular, to make it my dislike. I am full of life and an optimistic person. I do not harbor negative thoughts or feelings as my parents always reminded me that this is the way to healthy living, a life full of love.

Fears and Dreams

My greatest fear all my life is death. I have not lost any close person to me in my life, and this gives me creeps. I cannot relate to grief on a personal level. All my parents are alive, just like my siblings. My grandparents died way before I was born, and all my relatives from both paternal and maternal sides are alive. Thus, I cannot personally relate to grief. It freaks me out to think that someday I will wake up, and my parents, siblings, or relative will be no more. I have kept friendships with my childhood mates and have never heard reports of any of them being deceased. I always pray that this should remain the case, even though the universe does not always give us our wishes.

One of my dreams is that I aspire to be a leader in my home and society. I hope to make an impact on my community, just as my parents do with their business. My parents are my greatest inspiration for parenting. I would look up to them when I started my family as they have raised us to be responsible individuals and always pushed us to go for the best. I hope to become an advocate against police brutality in my country.

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