Cyber Security Essay Sample: Cookies and Privacy, Add Blockers

Published: 2022-03-15
Cyber Security Essay Sample: Cookies and Privacy, Add Blockers
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Changing the cookies to restrict settings offers a better appeal towards making the websites that one visits as private as possible. Notwithstanding the fact that some browsers are formed to have private browsing, there is a need to change the settings to private since it enhances one's consent that they are operating on private and restricted websites. Private browsing is a perfect way of improving the aftermath of browsing thus assuring the user that their browsing history is not shared anonymously (Ter Louw & Venkatakrishnan, 2009).

The use of virtual private networks restricts the aspect of personal information, login credentials and 'shopping cart' from being customized and displayed on the browsers (So, 2011). Therefore, virtual private networks like VPS and VPN help in securing one's private credentials from being used by the advertisers to keep on sharing their adverts via the address left after browsing. Virtual private networks also prevent tracking of cookies and browsing history thus helps in detecting and blocking third-party cookies.

The third aspect is to avoid filling forms requiring about one's private data while browsing. Not all privacy policies are genuine thus filling names and private information on browsing pages is still a risky situation, therefore, it is a brilliant idea not to fall into the trap of sharing personal data on websites. I agree with the fact that adding an "s" after the term http as a framework for enhancing privacy on browsing websites.

2. Response to Post 2

Since most marketers aim the personal details of people on websites to get a feedback of the new products that are introduced into the market, it is a brilliant idea to maintain the private information from being aired to the advertisers. In spite of the fact that marketing of a new product in the market is essential, the use of one's private information like names, contact address or whatsoever is a risky way of doing business since it compromises the private information of the potential customers while safeguarding the competitive appeal of the industry.

There is a need for people to employ the use of add blocking tools like the current IOS in mobile phones which prevent private information from leaking to the potential advertisers. Since cookies are used to remember personal details of the people who browse, there is need to employ add blockers from accessing an individual's data (Ayenson, Wambach, Soltani, Good, & Hoofnagle, 2011). Updating privacy settings on websites is the best approach to protect personal data from leaking. Privacy settings are on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other sites on the settings menu. Lastly, taking caution when a browser asks you to link an account.


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