Religion Essay Sample: North and South Religion Research

Published: 2018-09-20
Religion Essay Sample: North and South Religion Research
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Christendom of reconciliation

The Worldwide South and North are undergoing a transformation, which can go ahead to advance further from a solid and loving coexistence with God. Alternatively, it can become a religion, which is next to what Jesus had intended for everyone. The Northern faction is characterized with an increment in individualism, a concept that disregards the sins in religion, puts self-knowledge ahead of God’s grace, and makes Christ mission concerning self-help rather than of a worldwide salvation and defeat. Jesus, who later turned out to be the Christ of faith, had the view that religion should be solid within different cultures for it to have the ability to alter destructive tendencies that mar them . The mission of evangelism was to look for elements that could provide life in cultures that could offer flesh to the Christendom of reconciliation, justice, peace, love, and compassion. Currently, a transformation in cultural worldviews is taking place in a manner paves way for a Gospel of relationships and love into their lifestyles. Undeniably, there is a huge difference between the Global South Christians and Global North Christians. Worldwide South Christians are naturally conservative in regards to both moral teachings and beliefs compared to the congregation of the Global North.

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The two-thirds World has yet to accept gender equality; they are biased to the female gender as the weaker gender and women are limited to serve certain traditional roles in the society. There is a loud outcry on gender equality in most developing countries. In the Western Countries, on the contrary, there are no traditional gender roles and women have freedom in the society and are not limited to any roles.

Matters of marriage, divorce, and abortion

The developing countries are conservative in matters of marriage, divorce, and abortion. They greatly discourage divorce and abortion. In the civilized western countries, Christians are less conservative on marriage, divorce and abortion is viewed in a different way. There are open marriages; divorce is openly discussed and accepted and in some areas abortion is accepted, and considered as freedom.

The Christians in the two-thirds world are also reserved in matters of science and technology. They have not embraced some levels of science and technology, and they consider them to be trying to equate to God. For example, when it comes to family planning methods they consider it wrong as it hinders one from fulfilling God’s will of filling the earth . On the contrary, Christians in Western countries have embraced advancement in science and technology and support inventions in medicine, such as the human dependency machines where critically ill patients rely on the support of the machines to stay alive. Therefore, the question the critics ask is if God’s time for one to die has come, why human doctors would want to act in contrary to God’s will and keep the patient alive.

What is the authentic religious content?

The Bible says that human beings should not dwell on their understanding but seek intervention for revelation on the Scripture. The authentic religious content is deduced from the Bible. After all Christians from the South and their counterparts from the Western use the same Bible, so why the differences? On one end, the two-thirds are conservative and hold on to the traditional beliefs without putting into consideration advancement in science and technology and modernization. On the other end, the Christians from the Western regions have deviated from the teachings of the Bible due to modernization and civilization. The question is who is right? Christians should entrust their hearts by the Lord and rely on Him for understanding . In so doing they are able to follow the Bible’s teachings without deviation from the truth.

Cultural baggage refers to the inclination for one to be biased against another person that is caused by one’s beliefs, practices, traditions, sentiments, and other traits. It affects the judgment of a person when they meet people from different background in the wider world . One has presumption and stereotype mindset that hinders and limits inter- cultural interaction.

In conclusion, I believe the Christians from the South have genuine religious content as they have not deviated in accordance to advancement in time, but have stuck to the old teachings and principles of the Bible. The Christians from the South though should embrace some forms of modernization, such as gender equality. Women should not be limited or considered the lesser gender but instead should be empowered for the development of the society. The Christians from the Western region should find a central place as well to avoid deviating and supporting matters that are in contrary from the teachings of the Bible. After all, the missionaries from the West region brought Christianity to the global south and taught them from the same Bible they all use.


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