Cyber-Attacks Essay Example

Published: 2022-06-27
Cyber-Attacks Essay Example
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Cyber-attacks are the greatest threat that the USA is currently facing. The nation has most recently been vulnerable to various cyber-attacks primarily from China and Russia (Insuan et al., 2018). One of the major incidences that took place in the USA is the hacking of U.S institution and using the information acquired to influence the last general election in the USA. This action was carried out by putting malicious software in the computer system to capture data. According to the report provided by the Task Force on Cyber Deterrence, the report indicated that there had been an increase in cyber attacks carried out in the USA in the last ten years (Insuan et al., 2018). The factors that have led to the increase in cyber attacks are that foreign countries are spying on the US military and their infrastructure. For example, the putter panda case study conducted on the US military system indicated that this malicious software is always being used to attack the systems.

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Moreover, the Havex attack used by the Russians was different from the putter panda attack. The Havex attack influenced the election results in the USA, and even some officials have agreed to that notion. On the contrary, the putter panda attack was carried out by the Chinese people who were members of the Chinese military. As stated above, these individuals were spying on the USA military systems and also carrying out economic cyber espionage attacks against American institutions (Insuan et al., 2018). This action was different from the mentioned Russian cyber-attack that was aimed to attack the US infrastructure and to impact on the key results such as the American general election. Other cyber attacks that the USA has faced in the recent past are the WannaCry and NotPetya that affects most organizations in the USA making these firms to lose their confidential information and money (Insuan et al., 2018).

The measures that the government should put in place to prevent cyber crimes is to secure its networks and computers. Besides, the government is supposed to come up with abroad powerful intelligence capabilities that can inform them on any planned cyber-intrusions (Pipyros et al., 2018). The government should correct market failures that promoted cyber attacks. This action should be done by passing laws and regulation relating to cyber crimes (Choo et al., 2018). Moreover, the US government should fully monitor its sea, space, and air from any potential foreign cyber attacks. The Congress should also help the government in the cyber-attack wars because they have passed laws that have limited the government access to private communication (Pipyros et al., 2018). General Alexander one of the senior members in the Trump's government say that the USA can only fight cyber-attack if only it is allowed to have access to all networks.

In the short-term, the U.S government should concentrate on educating the public on the reasons as to why they should not access unsecure websites for example http. The reason is that most of the websites are not secure making the public to be prone to cyber attacks (Choo et al., 2018). Secondly, the government should put the systems to be immune to cyber attacks. This action can be done through ensuring that all systems have strong passwords and should be private and confidential at all time. In the long-term, the Congress should pass laws that allow the government to monitor all networks from the private telecommunication organizations (Choo et al., 2018). This action would enable the government to monitor all communications and other activities the public take part in. Moreover, the government should also monitor its space, air, and sea to keep the cyber threats at bay.


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