Critical Essay on Head of Senusret III

Published: 2023-10-31
Critical Essay on Head of Senusret III
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Head of Senusret III is one of the most incredible arts of work created by Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin in the 17th century. The Head of Senusret III artwork is placed in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The Head of Senusret III is an example of the work of art that was first designed during the early Medieval period. During this phase, the biggest communities of the ancient realm became the blueprint for the centuries of artists. Usually, classic works of art are associated with the ancient Romans and Greeks. The prehistoric individuals produced objects that were portable, small in size, for instance, religious artifacts and jewelry that suited the nomadic lifestyle of the people who lived during that error. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City acquired the "London Book of Gospels" that permitted the museum to present a wonderful illustrated 17th century the manuscript that belongs to the Armenian. "London Book of Gospels" is a vital historical and cultural document that gives insights that are treasured related to artistic practices and religious beliefs of the Armenian societies that are located in West Asia. What Does the Iconography Head of Senusret III Work Represent

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Iconography analysis is normally the interpretation of what the artwork represents, or it's meaning. Many of the artworks are representational, which means it creates a similarity of something. The head of Senusret III is a part of the royal statues in quartz, where other examples of artwork have been designed. The Middle Kingdom had royal statues that could be moved frequently or be reutilized during antiquity. A hard stone called quartz was used in designing statues of greater elite using subtle modeling, a regular grain without necessarily using graphics to complete the sovereign features. The portrait of Senusret III was best expressed in Kansas City. The emaciated and long face, the wrinkles and folds that mark the skin, the pinched and thin lips with corners turned down, the prominent cheekbones, and the protruding eyes that fit tightly into the thick eyelids. All these features represent a young man, and authoritarian King, a majestic, terse and shrewd, and not a worried and tired old man. This colossal head would have been designed with a muscular and firm body.

The artwork represents Senusret III, a pharaoh who ruled during the 12th dynasty from 1878- 1839 BCE in the Middle Kingdom. Senusret III had military campaigns which rose to bring peace and economic prosperity that led to the revival of trade, craftwork, urban development and reduced the power of the regional rulers in the Egyptian Kingdom. Senusret is also one of the kings who were honored and revered with a cult and considered the most powerful Egyptian ruler in the 12th dynasty.

Senusret III is known for his accomplishments in war, architecture, and somber sculptures. He had himself portrayed as an aging, mature man, which was associated with Kingship and power. The transformation in representation as ideological was shown by Senusret being represented as a vigorous, matured, aging king who follows the centuries of the old tradition.


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