Paper Example - Creative Cities

Published: 2023-02-13
Paper Example - Creative Cities
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Development of CompaniesTop Asian cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, and Beijing have recently had spectacular economic growth. The growth of the three cities has been described as being miraculous by financial experts who are trying to unravel the fast growth of the three Asian top towns (Tyler, 2017). New York, on the other side, has been described as the development bedrock of US. New York is one of the most developed cities in the US. When comparing it against the three top Asian cities, economically, a combination of Tokyo, Beijing, and Singapore outclass New York. Asian cities have heavily invested in the latest technologies. Some of the companies include Aetos, A&D Company, and CENET, among others. New York has firms such as Pepsi Center, JP Morgan Chase Co. and, IBM, among others. Pitting the Asian cities against New York in terms of revenue generated from companies, the three cities outclass New York by a large margin (Greg, 2017).

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Number of Universities

New York is an academic center. Globally, New York is one of the cities with the most significant number of universities in the world. Some of the universities include New York City College of Technology, CUNNY Queens College, Columbia University in the City of New York, among other top-rated Universities (The New York Times, 2017). Asian cities comprise of University Tokyo, National University of Singapore, and Tsinghua University among others. New York City outshines the three cities in terms of the number of universities (Montgomery, 2017).

Hospitals and Media Houses

In terms of patient care and the number of hospitals between New York and the three cities, New York has the best hospitals worldwide. Some of the hospitals include Presbyterian Hospital, Langone NYU Hospital, and Mt. Sinai Hospital, among others. The hospitals in New York City have gained international acknowledgment as the best hospitals to visit (Sassen, 2018).New York has some of the best media houses such the New York Times while Asian cities boost of Wave Communications among others. Asian cities have a higher potential for growth due to the use of advanced technology compared to New York City (Sassen, 2018).


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