Essay Sample on Covid-19 Experience

Published: 2023-12-30
Essay Sample on Covid-19 Experience
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Since the onset of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the way of life has entirely transformed not only for me but also for every individual in the world. The fear of getting affected alongside the extreme conditions imposed by the government to contain the virus have made life assume a new meaning of normalcy. My area has been one of the most infected zones of my state, and things here turned out completely different than they used to be. With the significant changes, there is no choice but to adapt to the new normal.

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I can indeed observe that my life has significantly transformed. I am an undergraduate, and this is not how I expected my experience in college would be. In the new normal, I wake up to school online, do my work, including house chores, and then workout. I no longer eat at the routine times we would normally eat. Despite my great love for eating out, home-made dishes have become my favorite. I used to go shopping at least every week, but with the high fear of getting infected, I tend to shop online. My routine has been typically repetitive throughout the pandemic period. I know that we might have to do this for a long time, but I am fully willing to do so to keep myself and my family safe in the hope that we can return to a new normal soon.

I think my most notable changes have occurred emotionally. The great fear of getting infected has made me less sociable. I no longer feel the thrill of being out in large groups, as my trust rate has downsized. I have also greatly transformed physically. With daily commitments on my workout schedule to keep fit and healthy, my body has become well-built and flexible. Actually, I feel more comfortable and confident after the significant input on developing myself. My mental state has also been quite affected as I find it too confining to exist in one place for such a long-time as I cannot easily refreshen up my mind in a restrained environment. In my area, just as many other places in the country, we have been on lockdown, and we hardly leave unless it is to buy essential items. I feel the need for the freedom to move around, enjoy the fresh air, and my college life.

My mother is a nurse in a community hospital, and that has influenced the way we live as a family. Since the crisis emerged, she has been extremely committed to managing the pandemic; hence her attention to the family has significantly depreciated. She hardly comes home, and we only interact with her is through the internet using facetime as she is not allowed to leave the facility without self-quarantine. My father has had to entirely take over the family responsibilities single-handedly as he works from home. With the limited movement, I miss my friends and school peers whom I have not seen for almost six months. Most of our interactions are usually engaged through online platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Unlike how we used to celebrate special days such as birthdays together, we now share the experiences using Zoom.

I must admit that my greatest difficulty has been coming into terms that my dearest mother is out there facing the pandemic threat, which could easily take her life away. The pressure and worry have been mounting every day as news headlines continually report of more infected healthcare workers. Nonetheless, I keep my faith high that she stays healthy as she puts her life in danger for the greater societal benefit. I remain incredibly optimistic that the situation will soon come to pass. In the meantime, we just have to stay vigilant, adhere to the laid down protocols, and be both emotionally and physically supportive with one another and in the end we will emerge out stronger than ever.

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