Essay Sample on Coping Strategies for Reducing Postpartum Stress

Published: 2023-08-17
Essay Sample on Coping Strategies for Reducing Postpartum Stress
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Mothers experience and suffer from postpartum stress in achieving their maternal functions and dealing with the negative body changes and absence of social support. Society and family support to a mother who gave birth to a child reduces stress. To overcome this postpartum stress, postnatal mothers should adopt the following effective coping strategies; emotion-focused disengagement, problem-focused disengagement, and problem-focused engagement (Shaw et al., 2013). According to Mathew and Mg (2017), most postnatal mothers adopted the problem-focused engagement coping strategy since it is the most effective in reducing postpartum stress. This strategy is effective since it aims the causes of stress practically and tackles the stressful situation or problem, which is causing stress hence directly reducing postpartum stress (Razurel et al., 2011). The advantage of problem-focused engagement enables the mother to cope with the daily stressors of life, thus mitigating postpartum stress. An emotion-focused coping strategy is most effective when dealing with short-term postpartum stress.

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More so, the strategies involving lay-based and professional interventions are also effective in reducing the hazard of mothers developing postpartum stress. Therefore, the interventions of intensive, expert-based postpartum follow-up after the mothers are discharged have significantly reduced the number of postnatal mothers who develop postpartum stress; hence it is an effective strategy (Dennis & Dowswell, 2013).

What I will add to this topic is; what are the negative impacts of postpartum stress. A quantitative study can be conducted on this topic, using descriptive and correlational research methods. In the research, the ethical principle of the protection of human rights should be considered and respected. Also, the ethical issues of informed consent, respect for the respondent’s privacy, and respect for confidentiality and anonymity should be considered for the success of the research (Arifin, 2018).

In conclusion, concerted efforts are needed by health specialists in the society and maternity unit to give mothers more substantial assistance. Health professionals should address the problem and give appropriate guidance to mothers before leaving the hospital. Also, stress management programs and relaxation techniques should be organized for postnatal mothers before they are discharged in the hospital.


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