Content Impact Behavior - Essay Example

Published: 2024-01-10
Content Impact Behavior - Essay Example
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Recent studies have shown that what we consume affects how we behave privately and in public. Talking about what we consume, I also mean the kind of content we watch. Several studies show that when children are exposed to certain information, they quickly become parts of what they see and hear. As a result, they start behaving according to the report they see and hear. A good example is the kind of information children see and hear on social media. Cases of crime, depression, and other irresponsible activities among youths result from the information they interact with on social media. This indicates that exposing children to adult content will have negative impacts on children's behavior.

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Most adult contents have sexual scenes, and exposing children to such content will encourage them to start engaging in sexual activities at a very young age. Who knows what impact that will have in the future? Take this simple example; today, despite the high restrictions against exposing children to sexual and crime content, moral decay rates are on the rise. Teenagers who have access to social media platforms have access to inappropriate content that has played a role in changing their behavior into sex and drug addicts. Exposing children to such content will see a substantial rise in creating a future society with no moral values.

Parenting Challenge

We can all agree that today, parents are having a hard time dealing with the issues their children engage in. A focus on teenagers shows that they feel old to made decisions for themselves. In cases where parents try to insist on what they should do or participate in, many tend to turn to social media advice from friends or people that have already lost moral values in life but think they can offer the best advice. This element shows the challenges parents are already going through to ensure that their children grow with moral values. The challenge is a result of exposure to social media information. Therefore, allowing children to have access to adult content through televisions openly will make things harder for parents, and some may decide to give up on their children.

Exposure to inappropriate content has increased cases of depression among teenagers. Allowing children to go along the same path will further create complications that parents will have to deal with before they worsen. Children will become very aggressive and even abuse as they emulate what they see and hear from the content they watch. The aggressiveness may turn to actual violence as they grow and become more exposed to other inappropriate content. This country has witnessed cases where teenagers have taken part in serious activities such as mass shootings. Such behaviors grow because of the kind of content they are exposed to and how it impacts them.

The other challenge that parents will face if children get exposed to adult content is poor school performance. With constant exposure to adult content comes a negative attitude towards academic activities. Children will start preferring to participate in activities they see on televisions rather than actively participating in educational activities. This culture's outcome will be a generation of people that value other activities such as drugs, crimes, sexual activities rather than academic activities.


No doubt, exposing children to adult content will create a society that has no moral values. We have seen this culture in individual families, and such children end up living unworthy life. Some even end up as total criminals, drug addicts, and sex workers.

I am not against their idea of bringing up children with some aspects of freedom, but there are several ways to give children space but not by exposing them to adult content openly. Any parent who loves their child is concerned about moral values, health, and academic excellence. The people that have grown into decent men and women in the society were guided properly through appropriate content and activities. Technology gives us different avenues through which children can be natured and understand how the world looks and works rather than exposing them to adult content. Let us use technology to nature children and not adult content.

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