Conflict Resolution

Published: 2017-09-08 13:58:40
Conflict Resolution
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Conflict Resolution

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The most valuable awareness, knowledge, and skills that I have acquired this term on conflict resolution is about the strategies for conflict resolution where it is prudent that when a person is angry he should separate himself from a volatile circumstance and take his time to cool out. It is also critical that a person attacks the challenge rather than individuals through beginning with a compliment. I also learned that it is important for one to communicate his feelings aggressively by expressing them without blemish.

This has changed my strategies on conflict management and I would like to put this change into practice by focusing on issues rather than my position about volatile issues in order to ensure that everyone involved in a conflict resolution is satisfied with the outcome. This is so because if one accepts the fact that he or she is part of a conflict this enhances the ease in which the conflict can be resolved. In order to amicably solve a conflict it is also critical to know the manner in which it evolves. It is also very important to get the difference between disagreements and conflicts.

I can contribute to building peace in the world through promoting styles of dealing with conflict that include competitive, collaboration, compromise, accommodation, and avoiding. The competitive style should be applied in emergency situations where one needs to take a firm stand by coming up with unpopular decisions. People undertake the collaborative style in order to meet all concerned parties needs. Those who opt for a compromise style go for solutions that are likely to satisfy all concerned parties. Accommodation shows the willingness to meet other peoples needs at the expense of ones needs. The avoiding style is for those who want to entirely avoid conflicts.

Empathy and compassion are very fundamental to conflict resolution. Compassionate listening as a strategy of conflict intervention is a commitment to the cultivation of resolution as a critical step in opening the way for conflict just resolutions. Compassionate listening results in awakening the hearts of a number of conflict participants. In case conflict participants perceive each other as human and feel each others sorrows it will be easy to resolve the conflict. Without deep and mutual empathy efforts of conflict resolution tend to result to temporary truces which end up being broken. Unless both sides of a conflict are listened to it is difficult to attain peace. Listening to protagonists concerns could enhance their transformation which in the end could realize openness.

Personal orientation to conflict is determined by a number of cognitive factors which include Gender, life experiences, self concept, communication skills, expectations, practice, situation and position. A number of people are usually socialized to employ certain modes of conflicts that are determined by their gender where men are taught to fight assertively compared to ladies. Expectations are determined if those in conflict know each other. The situation of the conflict in terms of whether it is personal or professional determines how quick it can be resolved. Practice is about individuals being capable of using all the five modes of conflict while determining the conflict mode that is most efficient in resolving certain situations of the conflict. Through effective communication one can effectively resolve conflicts.

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