Colombia School of Business - Application Essay Example

Published: 2019-12-04
Colombia School of Business - Application Essay Example
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My professional passions in life are a problem-solving enthusiasm, learning, and teamwork. My career path for management consulting is closely aligned with my passions. I am confident that Columbia school of business will provide me with unique preparation to pursue management consulting. The University has flexible coursework that is adaptable to the whole world. The explicit focus on entrepreneurship that is offered by the university is what makes me look forward to bring in my unique career and life experiences to the Colombian community. I aspire to help my classmates to realize their professional goals.

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As a management consultant, I am tasked with solving tangible ground level business issues. The problems I am supposed to solve as a management consultant is different from my current tasks that I handle as an investments expert. My current profession is all about assisting institutional clients to make high-levels asset allocation decisions on their investments. Our firm also provides expertise in the global economy at a macro-level. I consider the problems that we solve to be intangible since investment consulting is high-level. I will get an opportunity to fulfill my passion of solving problems at ground level if I switch to management consulting profession. Getting exposure to different industries through a career in management consulting will provide me with greater opportunities for learning. Specializing in one industry will not provide me with the possibilities to explore my career passions. Working within a team setting is appealing to me since I believe that collaboration is the key to success. Teamwork is equivalent to a basketball game where a basketball player cannot win the game alone without a collective effort from other players. Working as a team provides high chances of succeeding in the business world other than as an individual. The team-based structure of consulting firms is congruent to the philosophy of teamwork.

The University is a perfect bridge for career management consulting since it stands out as a place with global diversity. The diversity will offer me an opportunity to learn from my fellow students. As an MBA I am required to diversify my knowledge. It is good news to find out that a third of the Colombian students are international and that its alumni are made up of over 100 different countries. Theory in practice coursework is another unique aspect that got my attention with the university program. Although other schools might offer same programs with Colombia, I still believe Colombias NYC location gives the school an advantage to be associated with the best and brightest minds in the business world. Identifying new growth opportunities through entrepreneurship is essential for a long-term business success. Entrepreneurial resources offered by Columbia school of business such as the design studio prove as a stepping stone towards achieving my goals of starting my own business. Columbia school of business has shown itself to understand the importance of resource innovation through its entrepreneurial resources. I look forward to your consideration for my candidacy.

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