Free Essay on Corporate Wellness Programs

Published: 2019-11-25
Free Essay on Corporate Wellness Programs
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Why do you think such a simple wellness program had such a positive outcome?

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The positive impact was because the organization cut the cost of managing the employee's health. According to research, businesses can spend half as much cost for the employees who are not covered by any of the firm's health plans than the staff whom the health initiative of the organization includes (Mujitaba & Cavico, 2013). More so, the plan raises the employee`s morale because it enhances their lifestyles. They staff also implement healthy behavior as a result of the program.

Given, that Shamrock Craft is such a small company with a limited budget, how would you have persuaded senior management to approve this program?

Pushing for the program approval can utilize several strategies. Asking is the first step where one must explain the program and its purpose. Secondly, the payback or advantages of the plan should be elaborated in a concise and clear way. Such benefits should include those affecting the employee`s performance, the company, and other stakeholders. It is also, important to mention the cost saving goal that the firm hopes to achieve in implementing the project (Cyboran & Paralkar, 2013).

What kind of planning would have been involved in setting up the wellness program?

Five basic steps are significant in the planning process of the program.

a) The initial preparation that entails setting up the project`s parameters and conditions.

b) Research that involves asking questions regarding the plan and the gathering past information about other programs.

c) The design stage will require the officials to determine how the program will be executed regarding place and time.

d) The implementation process will involve the introducing the program into the institution.

e) Evaluation is the final stage where the performance of the program in the firm is analyzed to establish its effectiveness.

4. How would you monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the wellness program?

The evaluation process requires the designers to analyze how the components performed by the firm. In that regard, questions are asked regarding the performance. How much does the program cost? Is the project helpful? Do the employees love the program? Are there any flaws? Such type of questions aid in assessing the firm`s wellness initiative (Abdullah, 2012).

Is there anything you would change or add to the wellness program?

I would add monthly retreats or day outs where the employees can participate in co-curricular activities as a team. The incremental idea would boost the staff morale and encourage the quality of output.

Lately, employees have been sustaining a large number of injuries, such as cuts to their hands or back injuries. What would you implement to minimize these types of injuries?

I would apply safety regulations coupled with secure handling of equipment such as gumboots and gloves that reduce the direct contact of employees into the injury causing materials. Furthermore, I would increase the machine handling or rather the atomization level to reduce the manual work that leads to physical injuries CITATION Abd12 \l 1033 (Abdullah, 2012).

It seems only 15% of Shamrocks employees are using the gym, how would you encourage more employees to take part in the program?

Encouraging more staff to attend the gym will require providing advice pertaining the importance of performing physical exercises as a team to the individual`s well-being. In that regard, the staff will not only be improving their personal heath but also that of the team (Mujitaba & Cavico, 2013). Secondly, the firm can reward bonuses and gifts to those who attend the gym.

Management has complained that the program is costing too much to run and have requested that one of the wellness activities needs to be canceled. Which would you cancel? Why?

The gym is the practice that can be eliminated from the wellness program because 85% of the team does not participate in the activity. Thus, it adds no effects to their success in work. Moreover, the company is paying for services that are not well utilized.

In canceling this aspect of the program, you receive a significant number of employee complaints, how would you handle this?

Explaining the reasons for cutting the activity is the best solution to deal with a problem. Let the staff be part of the management and show them how the operation wasted a lot of the firm`s resources that can be put into a more useful program (Cyboran & Paralkar, 2013). Alternatively, the complaints can be countered through the implementation of a different activity that fits the wellness program.

Overall, are there any other benefits that this program could provide to the company?

The program promoted the workers productivity. Other than the performance promotion, the plan also attracted the talented workers, reduced absenteeism, improved the job utilization, reduced the overall turnover, and improved the disease management (Cyboran & Paralkar, 2013).


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