Free Essay Example: Choosing a College

Published: 2023-08-23
Free Essay Example: Choosing a College
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Graduating from school, and going to university can be deemed as an achievement and a significant step in one's life. It is a transition in one's life and a significant step in achieving personal and career goals. There are factors and various logistics that come into play upon making this transition. This may well vary according to the university one is moving to, its requirements, and the location of the university. Factors such as where to live and owning a car are some of these factors and are discussed deeply in this essay.

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I will attend Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia ( It is one of the leading research universities with a mission to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in humanity service. It has gained international recognition for its art colleges and healthcare systems. The university is known to have the lowest acceptance rate in Georgia, with just a 19% acceptance rate. A typical requirement is to be in the top 8% of SAT takers. Typically, the school takes 1350 scores for SAT. However, acceptance can be achieved with a score of 1260, which is, however, rare. Tuition for full-time registration for nine or more credit hours is 78600 AED. Students enrolled for less than nine credit hours per semester are considered part-time students and are required to pay a fee of 8734 AED per credit hour. Enrollment fees for each semester are 184 AED. Below is a screenshot of tuition fees.

Choosing a vehicle

Having to live outside then school requires a convenient means of transport. I'll have to purchase a car which is, however, not supposed to exceed 25000 AED. The vehicle is to be selected from The vehicle of my preference would be a 2015 KIA Soul model. The estimated price in AED would be 24000. The car has a mileage of 56000 miles and is a 5 seater. As for the payment, the vehicle is set to have a down payment of 7345 AED, and the rest of the amount is to be completed in 72 months. The estimated monthly payments are set at between 473 and 521 AED.

Choosing a House

I'd prefer to stay in a one-bedroom apartment in the city of Atlanta. The distance from the studio to the school must be convenient for me to save resources like time and fuel. Atlanta’s state zip code is 30318. The name of the apartment is Garden Walk Apartment. 934 Garden Walk Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30349. It is a one-bedroom apartment with a monthly rent of 2809 AED. is the source of information for the condo I'd want to live in.

The expenses associated with my university life may vary depending on the location of the apartment I chose. The choice of life I decided to lead also goes a long way in determining the expenses that will be incurred monthly. Costs such as rent, electricity, cable, Internet, cell phone, auto payment, auto insurance, food, clothing, gas, water, and sewer are among the necessary expenses that I'll have to cater to. The table below shows the costs and costs every month.

The price of electricity in Atlanta is 0.21 AED per kWh. I’ll choose service providers whose prices are relatively fair and will fit in my budget. For power, Good Electric is the company I'd choose. Its address is 3313 Chamblee Dunwoody RD, GA 30341. The company's rates are favorable for my student budget. For my gas, I’d contact Georgia Natural Gas for their service provision. The Internet would be a fundamental requirement as it would help me carry out my study research effectively. EarthLink Company provides quality internet service. I'd pay for their HyperLink 15mbps bundle with unlimited Internet at the cost of 179 AED per month. Water and sewer services are incorporated into the monthly rental charges for the apartment. AT and T would be my provider for cable TV, and my subscription package would be the Entertainment package at the cost of 143 AED per month.

  • Service Needed Name of Service Provider
  • Energy/Electricity Good Electric
  • Natural Gas Georgia Natural Gas
  • Internet HyperLinkWater/Sewer Cable AT and T

Going to university requires choosing a career path. A well-informed decision regarding a career path involves gathering all facts involved and evaluating every single factor to select the right career path. Some of the main factors to consider when choosing a career path include the field of passion and individual subject performance. I'd like to work in the business field when I grow up. The career cluster I selected is Business and a career in business administration. I chose this career for two reasons. One, I have always desired to work in big business institutions. Two, I've always wanted to do Business and make an impact in society through the services I provide. The average annual earning is 200984 AED. A business administrator is required to supervise administrative personnel. The business administrator is also expected to facilitate efficient operations. I will be required to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

The gross monthly income for my career is 16748 AED. Taxes and monthly deductions add up to a total of 5024 AED. The net income is, therefore, 11723 AED.

After graduating from campus, looking for a job and getting a good one is the other thing I’d want to achieve. and are essential websites to guide me in looking for job placement. The jobs in this career are comprehensive, and hence a wide array is available for selection by those trying to place their name on the map of the job market.

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