Free Essay Sample on Career Expectations

Published: 2023-11-19
Free Essay Sample on Career Expectations
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Customs and border protection officers work to interdict threats against the country in a fast-paced, evolving environment. Having basic training in the job, I would have had the chance to learn something new and share with colleagues the knowledge I possess. An FBI agent should be forefront with the bureau’s mission and vision by going ahead of threats. Different skills, individual dedication, and talent are some of the qualifications needed to be an FBI agent (Toole, 2019). The working hours of the job should be flexible for me to balance my work and social life. Balancing work and social life reduce distractions, thus being successful in both lives. Having good communication skills, I tend to blend and bond with individuals faster, which makes me good in fieldwork. I tend to read books and articles about my job, which improved and developed my skills better. Skill development is important in enhancing success in a career because it allows an individual to improve performance. I believe after the Covid-19 pandemic is over, training will be resume so that I would apply to be in the bureau. I expect the training to be fruitful so that I gain experience, knowledge, and skills that I will use when solving a case or performing my tasks inside and outside the office.

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The working conditions that the labor act requires should be conducive to every employee to be more productive unlike when they are not in a conducive environment. The working conditions of the job should be favorable, so that is should be able to work best. I am flexible; in that, traveling is not a problem for me; hence I can move or travel wherever the job takes me. I expected the pay to be a form of compensation for the task being done both in the office and in the field. The environment influences my personal growth and the people I associate with both in and out of the office. Being an FBI agent allows me to grow socially because I interact with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages. Every person has a quality, attitude, belief, and act that will help my career; therefore, being in the FBI will enhance personal growth in different areas. Physical training enables candidates to keep fit; therefore, I will dedicate my time and energy to be physically fit before and after my training not to find exercise difficult. There are several techniques that I would use once I join the FBI to ensure my performance is correctly evaluated and compensated accordingly. The bureau should have progress where they reward hard-working agents, which acts as a motivation to employees (Farrall et al., 2014). I anticipate to be rewarded for my hard work since I believe in my actions and efforts.

Raises are given to people who do extra work compared to others. I expect raises will be influenced by my experience and the level of dedication I have under the bureau. Working in the late hours and early in the morning will benefit the bureau and me since I will be one step ahead of other people while the bureau would have somebody to trust and believe. When applying for a job, I tend to think about promotion since I am not aware of the working environment and the hours allocated. Therefore, promotion is not an essential aspect to look at it because it takes a lot of work, time, and individual performance should be evaluated. Although expectations are overrated in every job, my career expectations are based on the same line of duty of taking another to serve and protect my country’s citizens. Opportunities are arguably the major contributors to the individual career paths. In the Custom and Border Protection officer’s training, I expect to gain skills that will help me be an FBI agent. These skills include decision making, analysis, management, investigation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills (Toole, 2019). These skills will make my job easier at the FBI since I will be dealing with people from different backgrounds, races, and countries. FBI training has different sectors; they include academic, case exercise, operational skills, firearms, class leadership and instructors, and physical training.


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