Essay Sample Teamwork Career Connection

Published: 2022-05-04
Essay Sample Teamwork Career Connection
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Teamwork is a critical factor for every organization since it leads to high levels of productivity. Most firms accomplish their objectives due to the ability to bring people together to work as a team towards a common target. When the diverse skills, knowledge, and energy are paired with sufficient motivation, a team can achieve great things. The human factor is the most vital factor of production, and every employer understands that a motivated, thus happy, team will be more productive and efficient than the unhappy counterparts. It is up to leaders to find sufficient ways of motivating their teams to ensure that they perform at their optimum level.

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One of the ways to keep a team motivated is by rewarding results. Conducting regular appraisals to gauge the team performance, based on pre-determined metrics, will identify the top performers. Offering incentives like gifts to these successful individuals will inspire the rest of the workforce to strive for top performances. This approach will work because everybody wants to be rewarded and feel recognized for their efforts. Failure to acknowledge top performers will make them feel like their best efforts are going down the drain, which is a demoralizing feeling.

Offering challenging projects to the team members is another way to keep them motivated. Challenges, like puzzles, require one to put in effort and patience to find the solutions. When a team is presented with a challenging situation, it discusses it between the members and everybody contributes towards finding a suitable answer. When they manage to solve it, they are inspired, and excited, to pick on another task and find a solution. Challenges show people the limit of their abilities, and a team realizes that they can accomplish so much more after accomplishing a single assignment. Easy tasks are routine and easily accomplished hence they will only serve to demotivate the team.

Involving the team members in the decision-making process will make them feel motivated. People are happy when they are treated as equals since it implies that they are valued. When team members are involved in making decisions, via consultations, they feel that their input is valued and appreciated. They will put in sufficient efforts to understand the processes in the organization so that they may give opinions during meetings. They become actively involved because their efforts are valued and used in the process of reaching final decisions. When they are not included, team members will lack the initiative, thus motivation, to research or understand how the company works.

Flexibility is a crucial aspect in the life of any individual. Giving work-life flexibility to the team member will keep them happy and willing to continue working. A team leader should allow members to set their plans ahead based on personal deadlines and upcoming work. A responsible team will have no issues with this kind of arrangement since everybody knows their role well. The independence to plan their agendas results in a team with happy members and high levels of productivity. Lack of a flexible schedule means that members will be confined to activities when they want to be doing something else, which is an evident demotivating factor.

Remuneration is a critical factor for any worker since people strive to be providers back at home. Team members are engaged in their activities because they expect to get something at the end of their efforts. Proper remuneration, which is conversant with a member's skill level and the industry average, will make members feel that their services are well appreciated. Some leaders even pay above the average to motivate and retain valuable members. When people feel like they are getting short-changed, they will get demoralized.

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