Essay Example on BSN Nurses and Global Health Issues

Published: 2019-10-24
Essay Example on BSN Nurses and Global Health Issues
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After several years issues surrounding global health have become the center of concentration in developed countries in the world. Such consciousness can be attributed to the special measures put in place by the previous governments and several concerned individuals. (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016) This, therefore, calls for the individuals who have taken Bachelor of Science in Nursing courses to stand up to the task as themselves are at the very heart of the remedies and solutions needed to control global health care. These individuals are better equipped to combat diseases in the best ways possible and also help enhance livelihoods and help improve lives globally.

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Throughout the world, nurses have taken leadership of huge roles in the arena of public health care through various ways. Nurses have been involved in the direct handling of patients as well as in the education of various local communities on matters pertaining to public health care. They have created awareness on safe and healthy practices in these communities though mobile clinics and health facilities where they can attend to the patients. (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016)

Lately, there has been outbreaks in deadly diseases like Ebola in Western Africa and more emergencies that have called for health personnel that can better handle the victims through proper care and attendance, a role which the nurses have properly played with much success. In areas where they have been wars or attack by terror groups, nurses have been administering recovery and proper healthcare to the injured people. Global health issues are increasing and getting more complex day by day and this calls for the concern of BSN nurses on these issues.

Global Health Influence on Local Nursing

Everyone acknowledges the fact that modern nurses are integral to both the local and global health care arena. Regardless of the base of operation, nurses are trained to adopt a global way of practice. It is worth noting that the modern nurse is a global nurse despite their physical location; and therefore, any global health issues can influence the nurses activities even their local work settings. (Holtz, 2013) Considering the ever changing need for health care systems, the nurse is required to adopt a globally accepted mechanism of health care provision rather than that which they think best suits their locality.

On the hand, if there be a global deadly disease outbreak, all the nurses are required to carry out special health care practices that are aimed to prevent contact of the disease by the local community. Various parts of the globe have become accessible due to the ease of travel and population growth, hence more communicable diseases spread over a very short period of time. (Levine & Levine, 2007)An increased global occurrence of lifestyle diseases have also called for involvement of nurses through primary and educative health care.

Nurses are also involved in consultative health care provision thanks to the uses of advanced technology in global health care. This can be done through client- nurse consultation for prescription purposes or in the case of research on a particular infection. Such breakthrough can enhance the nurses practice within the local setting since their work has been made easier. (Levine & Levine, 2007) The nurses can discover better ways to get involved in the provision of quality health care to their local clients and the neighboring society.


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