Bringing Beauty Home: L'esthetique Chez Vous Revolutionizes Beauty Services - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-31
Bringing Beauty Home: L'esthetique Chez Vous Revolutionizes Beauty Services - Essay Sample
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L 'esthetique Chez Vous is a business that focuses on working and busy women. The company owns a unique position in the market for not having a physical space-based structure to offer beauty services to women; instead, the services are at personal, comfortable places such as homes (Lee, 2019). The aspect of being flexible and attending to customers at their respective homes or places of choice places L 'esthetique Chez Vous in a unique position compared to competitors with a specific location of providing services. The positioning of flexibility suits the needs of a woman with a busy schedule but who wants to remain clean and beautiful.

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L 'esthetique Chez Vous wishes to serve mostly the price-conscious women as they are the busiest women and face challenges when fixing their schedules for hairstyles, facials, massages, treatment and cuts maybe manicure and pedicure. It aims at providing the service based on needs but not for luxury. In terms of pricing positioning, L 'esthetique Chez Vous seeks to provide services at a relatively lower price, considering the price-conscious nature of the working and busy clients' target population (Lee, 2019). However, with the lower prices, the quality of services will be maintained at high quality, similar to competitors are higher.

Several competitors in the Toronto market have also positioned the segment of serving the average income niche. The firms holding the position are Spa Moments, La Beaute Spa, and Spa La Mo, among others. They serve the segment involving the busy working women who probably are most likely to have time management difficulties for daily needs, such as doing family chores and spending time with their children after work (EA, 2016). sHowever, the currents businesses do not provide a solution to the time limitations of the serving segment. Therefore, in the provision of high-quality services, cheap service, and mobile services, it lacks a direct competitor as most of the close competitors are limited to serving at a specific location. It requires customers to move to the working station to receive the services needed.

L 'esthetique Chez Vous has capabilities of occupying the position of high quality and low prices category. The business model provides a reduction of costs in several ways, such as using a mobile app instead of a physical location. The use of application subsidies the space required, thus minimizing location costs (Valera, 2016). The development of an application with limited features that facilitate the operations of the business is cheaper, with a comparison with opening a spa in a physical space. More competitive initiating costs will reflect on service costs making them cheap while maintaining high quality (EA, 2016). It is a pleasing business position, as well as a marketing strategy.

It requires good proper management of resources for L 'esthetique Chez Vous to well fit in the anticipated market position mapping of high quality and low prices. The use of application needs to be maintained as the business depends on the app to reach the market and to receive orders for the firm to fit in the market segment position. Lack of time in the target market and the house service drives the revenues of the business, and for achieving the desired brand and positioning, the aspects are critical to observe. L 'esthetique Chez Vous is capable if persisting the positioning challenges by maintaining stable prices and quality services.


L 'esthetique Chez Vous tactics of introducing the house services by professionals at relatively lower prices than the market price supports the positioning objectives (Wirtz et al., 2017). It shall foster high-quality services and financial effectiveness objectives. The professionals shall provide high-quality services, and the reductions of costs through not having utilities and employee costs will facilitate the low prices intended in positioning. L 'esthetique Chez Vous will fit perfectly between low price and high-quality positioning map in the market.


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