Free Essay Example on Blood Transfusions

Published: 2019-10-31
Free Essay Example on Blood Transfusions
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Soon enough, we were able to give blood transfusions to some of them, even before they got to the hospital. That was crucial, as some of them had really lost a lot of blood by the time we were rushing them to the hospital. Fortunately, due to my Facta-Non-Verba: Deeds Not Words, I was able to save a number of lives that might have been lost by not doing any deed at all. Even though I was a volunteer, it was great that my fast deed was able to save someones life instead of later saying that if I could have acted first, I could have saved someones life.

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Becoming a physician has always been my greatest aspiration. Ever since I was a small child, I always saw doctors as very incredible people that had the power and authority to ameliorate that awful concept of the suffering of people. In addition to that, as I have mentioned before, I am a great humanitarian. I am always empathetic with people and always wish that I could save the world. However, since that is almost impossible, I decided that becoming a physician was a step next to saving everyone. I would have that opportunity to be able to make those people that do not feel alright to feel much better. I also decided to become a physician because it is a great opportunity for working with people. That would be a great opportunity as I would be able to give to encourage them and make them feel better. The ability to be able to directly help people and even make them happier would be great too.

In many countries around the world, especially in Africa, there is a dire need of qualified doctors. Seeing people die of diseases like malaria, in Africa, greatly motivated me to want to study medicine so that I change to the health and lives of many people, especially those people who have no means, at all.

Since I want to be a great physician, as well as a great humanitarian, it will require me to put a lot of effort in my work at school. As a graduate student, I would ensure that I receive the right mentorship, so that I can be able to choose the right profession. During that time, I also plan to join the fraternitys group of good deeds in ensuring that I also contribute in being a great humanitarian. This is the time that I would implement fully on gaining the right knowledge that I would need for my future from seminars and even the practical that I will undertake. As an undergraduate student, I will ensure that I engage in enough practice so that I can be fully equipped in what is really required of me. This will shape me fully, into becoming the physician that I want to become.

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