Essay Sample on Behavioral-Based Interview Questions

Published: 2023-01-17
Essay Sample on Behavioral-Based Interview Questions
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Interviews form part of ways and strategies that can be used to gather information and to learn new ideas. When a person does not have adequate knowledge and information about a particular topic or area of study, it is often appropriate to engage in interviews to gather relevant knowledge about the given area of study or interest. Interviews often involve asking questions, and one of the recognized interview questions is Behavioral Based Interview Questions.

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Well, behavioral based interview questions are questions asked in an interview to reflect on the past behaviors in a given work situation. They are often asked when the interviewer wants to know or learn more about a given area and how a person is supposed to behave when faced with the same situation in the future. Most often, behaviorally-based interview questions reflect on what the interviewee think about a given area of the topic in line with the profession, and in most cases, they involve personal opinions and past experiences.

In line with that, here are some of the two ideal and suitable behaviorally-based interview questions that I would ask in the profession of Nursing Supervisor and director of marketing for a fast-food chain.

Nursing Supervisor

Give me an example of when you often find it necessary to go beyond your duty of profession and motivate others rather than supervision.

Well, this question is intended to gather information and new ideas on how far our profession may stretch. While it is necessary to remain within the line of duty, it is often common and carrier-wise to gather information about how far our profession might stretch. While nursing supervisors are known to oversee the activities within the nursing doctrine, they may have to keep those whom they supervise motivated, hence proving the worth of this question.

Tell me a time when you had a conflict with the employees who serve under you. Furthermore, explain how you addressed each conflict and how that impacted the future occurrences of future conflicts.

Ideally, being a supervisor is one of the careers that involve a lot of conflicts between the employees and the supervisors. It is a question that most people encounter in workplaces, and knowing how to go about it remains of great value.

Director of Marketing For Fast-Food Chain

Describe an idea, either yours or someone's, that was implemented fundamentally because of your efforts.

Fast-Food is one of the areas of life that exhibit radical changes. As a result, getting to know about the new ideas that may shape the industry is an appropriate behavioral question worth asking in an interview.

Describe a situation when you regretted being the Director of Marketing for Fast-Food Chain and how managed to overcome the situation.

As earlier mentioned, the fast food industry remains one of the key areas in life that changes so rapidly. It requires an innovative, committed, and determined individual to oversee it. There are many challenges often faced, and it is not an offense that a person may regret serving as the director of marketing for fast food.

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