Free Essay. Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Published: 2023-08-20
Free Essay. Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
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When one obtains a degree in medicine, they become doctors, when one obtains a degree in engineering, they become engineers. However, a degree in psychology does not point to any specific career path. It offers a wide range of opportunities that can be exploited (Landrum, 2018). The study of psychology comes with many myths about the application of the course in the practical field. However, myths about many graduates and lack of job for psychology graduates have been refuted by experts (Landrum, 2018). It appears that possessing a degree in psychology makes one a jack of all trades. One can fit in so many fields and use their degree effectively. From this class, one can walk shoulders high, getting into the market with the set of skills obtained. One of the main principles learned in psychology is intrinsic motivation. When joining the workforce, one can apply intrinsic motivation to set goals and work within teams to succeed.

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Psychology teaches learners about behavior through operant and classical conditioning theories. The theories are frameworks that one can observe from day to day in the running of organizations and institutions. People are conditioned to behave in a certain way to get a certain kind of results. Therefore, apart from skills and knowledge to work in the psychology field, a holder of a psychology degree leaves the class with a set of skills that help them interpret life better.

Cognition in psychology is a fundamental concept. Regardless of where one shall work with a degree in psychology, this is one of the ideas that they cannot leave behind. A psychologist should always be a better thinker and problem solver among people (Lench et al., 2011). One must judge situations better than they would have done without a degree in psychology. For instance, one may not end up as a clinical therapist but may get a job as a police officer. As a psychologist, one should not be the person leading with assault of suspects; rather, one should judge the situation better and handle suspects with respect. Cognition and judgment go hand in hand, and sound judgment precipitates an excellent solution to a problem at hand (Lench et al., 2011).

I have been in situations where I have had to apply psychological knowledge. At one point, the supervisor used to punish employees who got to work late. They never improved because they felt the punishment had become too prevalent and part of their work lives. On my advice, he changed from punishing them to rewarding those who got to work earliest. It took just a few weeks, and everyone was at work in good time. In another situation, it was about operating as a team as siblings. We had been so much used to each doing things their way, and we frequently failed. I never understood the situation until I learned about sibling rivalry and the psychology behind it. It is almost impossible to eliminate sibling rivalry long as there is still something to compete about (Salmon & Hehman, 2014).

A bachelor’s degree in psychology shall help not only in professional life but also in personal life. A psychologist at home shall pretty much understand the development and growth of children in the house. Developmental psychology shall play a huge role in ensuring that one can understand and manage the step-by-step growth of children. Professionally, being a psychologist helps one when leading others. As a leader, one should be a prime example for others. It requires emotional intelligence to make a good leader (Lench et al., 2011). One can be empathetic about the people he is leading, hence guide them with great discernment. An empathetic leader has excellent man-management skills and takes every case as it comes, without a blanket view and judgment.


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