Free Essay Sample on Australian Foreign Policy

Published: 2022-02-10
Free Essay Sample on Australian Foreign Policy
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Australia is a country established by foreign policies that have enabled international and local cooperation. It has ensured that rules and regulations are followed with a maximum contribution of the efforts needed in relationships with other countries. Foreign policies are estimated with diplomatic missions that have established strong relationships with other countries, but these foreign policies have contributed the country to have domestic instability which is caused and influenced by minority and independent government parties. Australia's foreign policy has provided economic free trade, economic cooperation, and immigration, these factors have promoted diversification of the country to be affected and have established a cohesion of political and economic involvement that has changed the country structure (as cited in Wesley, Warren, 2000).

The aspect topic will comprise of how Australian foreign policy has promoted traditionalism, seclusion, and internationalism through the aspect of foreign trade and international relation achieved despite domestic instability and political pressure among state relationships including Australia and other countries.

Traditionalism, Seclusion, and Internationalism of Australian Foreign Policy

Through globalization, the Australia foreign policies have dominated the country's multi-state organization such as the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO) and ally countries transition cooperation's. The global network has facilitated Australia subjected to economic, political and social forces that have incorporated in the Australian government. It has affected the country's national government, societies, and individuals, foreign policies have given the Australian government pressure to create international cooperation and compromised internal control economy, political and social status. It has led to instability where the economy is affected by outside dominance who are building their path to internal affairs (Clarke, Michael. 2007 p. 271). The political conditions are affected by minority and independent parties creating a chance to attack the government this has brought the crisis in Australia and making it a state of difficult transition of the wide variety of internal conflicts. The establishment of Australian foreign policy has ensured that international relations affect the country's internal structure by providing the Australian government is stable.

Foreign policies have ensured continuous flow in active relationships with allies, but on the other hand, it has been affected by political and social instabilities where the government fights with other government. Australia has concluded with strong allies to ensure that international cooperation is achieved (as cited in Goldsworthy, David, 2002). The indication of interaction assures economic management, with the involvement of various aspects of Australian foreign relations has provided a dynamic contribution in the field of activities undertaken (Ewer, Winton, 1986, p. 28). Through foreign policies, the political rift among counties minimized by diplomatic channels used to in co-operating management of international crises.

Australia foreign policy revolves around maximizing their power and influence, foreign policy white paper of 2017 by Australian journal empathized the need to optimize their potential and control. The allocation of these effects has established the country to provide national interest. The foreign policy of Australia has produced the dynamic importance of how international relations have helped achieve Australian goals. With the high political and social instability have been influenced by international cooperation since Australia has powerful allies. It promotes the concept of visualizing how international activities to help promotes its dominance (Lim, Darren J. 2018, p. 306). International trade has enabled Australia to maximize its dominance economically. The establishment of these factors has contributed to effects based on government interests. Through influence due to power Australia has been able to maneuver through international contributions which have led to influence the structure in which they can interact without countries economically and politically.

Australian foreign policy has established a role in creating economic resilience, through conjunction with developing countries. It has helped in the maneuver of political and economic stability in the country through the expansion of trade and investment. Foreign policy in the country has enabled change due to the instability that is caused by violence, the nature of the Australian government through cooperation with other allies to ensure that stability achieved (Downer, Alexander, 2005, p. 357). Through the internal increase of the Australian economy that has been increasing over the decades through secluding themselves to minimal international involvement has increased their chances to decrease in economic instability. The country has been able to keep a tight circle when it comes to international cooperation, and this has enabled it to achieve political and financial stability.

Australia foreign policy affects foreign affairs and trade; it maximized their full potential through the Australia department of foreign affairs which is responsible for international relations, foreign policy, foreign aid, and business (as cited in Gyngell, Allan, 2007). It consulates overseas network, treaties, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. It has helped achieve and preserve the country's interests subjected to imminent growth and development. With the full spread of international involvement of impending problems that are made based on instability and political interference. The level in which Australia helps to provide the government support of policy-making derived from external interference. They support the United Nations (UN) and substitute international law to gain political power. Through the management of foreign policies, Australia has established criteria in which they can achieve theirs.

Australia has acted as a middle power by diplomatic credentials that are established by the country's foreign policy. It has created a connection with the international influence which has built decades of political and economic recognition during the European state system. Understanding the nature of how Australian became a middle power provides the aspect of international recognition that has promoted widespread economic activities and trade between it and powerful countries (Ungerer, Carl. 2007 p. 538). Australia also is subjected to rule by the United Kingdom, and this has established a connection to strengthen their economic activity as well as political, but the nature of the foreign policy has promoted partly stability and instability in internal and external political aspirations that has been subjected to corruption and affected the countries governance. Since Australia is a middle power it neither a powerful country nor a superpower, thus has enabled the country to maneuver through international relations.

Through Australia allying with Asia, this has proven vital for growth and development, a significant contribution of resource accumulation and development between the two. The set of advantages contribution achieved through free trade and diplomatic relationships. Understanding the concept of how economic and political involvement has established a key element in providing the basic structure in which development achieved. Through extensive resources found in Australia example of coal, diamond, iron core, aluminum, and gold the country has to establish ties with foreign countries to ensure there is development. The involvement of crises has established foreign policies to be applied by the Australian government to ensure there is the original multilateral and bilateral building of international stability (as cited in Wesley, Warren 2000). Australia has diversified resources, and this has enabled the country to develop despite instability caused by political, social and economic difficulties.

Trade agreement achieved by Australian foreign policy where there is a trade relationship between Australia and Asia Pacific Region, Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) has ensured that trade and economic dimensions are carried out. But this is affected by political involvement where the divers of the negotiation delivered from the bilateral trade agreements have promoted financial strive (Capling, Ann, 2008, p. 27). An example of a trade agreement between Australia and Japan has developed massive commercial stability, but through political interference, there has been numerous instability caused by the rising of civic involvement that has led to domestic violence. Therefore, Australian foreign policy has dominated stability even in the case where trade agreements established.

Australian contribution of foreign policies has established involving strong and powerful allies such as the United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, etc. The relationship has developed economic, social and political instability due to involvement in external affairs. The aspect in which Australia has dominated in influence has provided prosperity, and this has shown vital signs of free trade with other countries. The changes in the direction of Australian foreign policy have ensured that the administration of international relation has provided maximum results of external and internal affairs of Australia and the allies (Wesley, Warren 2000). Therefore, International relationships have enabled Australia to maximize its contribution to international relations which has allowed equitable international cooperation and strength.

Foreign investments have increased due to the establishment of Australian foreign policy this has established by international trade fully maximized. It has helped Australia achieve economic potential which is a critical step towards incorporating foreign investment. Australia has been able to accomplish this despite constant political interference from political parties who take the initiative to act as international barriers to effective foreign policies. Global problems have occurred through the involvement of other countries internal affairs that have promoted a crisis regarding foreign and international doctrines. Diplomats are involved in these current situations to ensure that their country's policies regarded. The administration has provided the principles of the Australian government to ensure that international foreign policies are regulated to establish minimal confrontation with external countries. Therefore, by ensuring foreign policy ensures development between Australia and its allies promotes a situation in which there is proper diplomatic relationship and which can benefit economically and decrease the external threats that may cause a lack of cooperation.

Australia has been affected by political interference by international ally countries. It means that election fraud promoted by a breach of international foreign interference which has developed massive problems. The aspect of political meddling has helped a lack of cooperation. Australia through political interference has promoted several issues to the country and has causes instability. The result has encouraged extensive direct involvement of crises in the Australian government, and a great ending strives between political candidates. Although the foreign policy has provided advantages to Australia, it has caused tensions in the political arena which has led to a massive lack of unity. Political interference has established political instability with political parties at war with each other leading to citizens and the country suffering from heated politi...

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