Paper Example. Approaches to Modelling as a Form of Counseling Training

Published: 2023-03-23
Paper Example. Approaches to Modelling as a Form of Counseling Training
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The counseling process is long, and trainees are usually exposed to a variety of influences that come from other counselors. Each counselor is supposed their genuine style, and this is the reason why they need to adapt their skills to the counseling setting. Nevertheless, trainers and trainee counselors, they must engage in those training programs that will instill values of equity, respect, inclusion, and diversity. Modeling is an important tool that ensures that counselors observe and uphold these values. Modeling takes different forms, including role play, demonstration, video, and observation of counselors in real-life situations, and this paper will explain each of these forms and their effectiveness.

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Role-playing is one of the modeling forms, and this is an active learning technique that involves trainees acting out the situation under the supervision of the trainer. In this case, the trainee takes on the role of the counselor acts out a scene as if it were real. For instance, two trainers will simulate a meeting between a counselor and a client. The trainer and other trainee customers act as the audience, and they give back feedback to the acting trainees. It is an important method that allows trainee counselors to apply new knowledge and skills, similar to those they will encounter in the future in their counseling jobs (Ettkin & Snyder, 2002, p. 216). It is a critical step that facilitates the transfer of learning for improved performance. Role-plays are more efficient compared to case studies, and this is so because, in case of studies, trainees critically analyze situations and their possible solutions unlike in role-plays where they respond instantly, employing skills they have learned.

Also, role play facilitates the transfer of learning among trainee counselors. Trainees contribute to simulated counseling situations in a safe and non-threatening environment. In this environment, trainees are not afraid to make mistakes as mistakes are permitted. They, therefore, work in small groups with the supervision of the trainer and become comfortable trying out new approaches. At the same time, since it is a social and communal process, trainees interact with the scenario given, which encourages them to come together to find solutions (Ettkin & Snyder, 2002, p. 217). In this way, they get to know what their colleagues think and subsequently provide tips or take notes.


It involves communicating counseling ideas to trainees when the trainer desires to teach them how to do something step by step. The trainer ensures that the trainee counselors participate actively in the process of teaching. It is effective for improving the understanding of complex skills and principles. This is embedded in the fact that trainers illustrate concepts step by step, which makes it easier for trainees to understand (Basheer, 2016, p. 567). At the same time, demonstration increases the attention of the trainees, which ensures that they follow along with the learning process. The demonstration also ensures that trainees do not waste time. It is so because they witness the process of living and understand how to apply the knowledge they have learned practically.


Video training is a good way through which trainer counselors show trainers how to accomplish counseling tasks. These trainers present factual and visual information which is portable and which can be made available to trainees anywhere and anytime. Its first effectiveness lies in this quality of portability because trainees can easily access training through their mobile devices. At the same time, since video can be replayed many times, trainees have a chance for continued education which in turn contributes to their professional development (Miller & CohenMiller, 2019). Video training is also effective as it accommodates different learning styles, and in this way, trainees can adopt the style which suits them best.

Observation of counselors in real-life situations

In this method, the trainees observe real-life situations of counselors exercising their counseling tasks. It is beneficial in that it creates a culture of continuous improvement among counselor trainees because the trainees experience the challenges, ideas, and expertise in real-life counseling situations. Also, by observing real-life situations, trainees get a chance to examine how they can improve the effectiveness of their skills. Also, observation is simple, yet it is informative and practical.


Modeling takes different forms, including role play, demonstration, video, and observation of counselors in real-life situations. These methods can be used individually or in combination, to give the best outcome. The aim of either of these methods is to ensure that trainees work effectively with the role, cultural and individual differences and at the same time, make sure that they acquire and utilize counseling knowledge and skills.


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