How have you or your perspective changed since the first week of class? Free Essay

Published: 2023-03-05
How have you or your perspective changed since the first week of class? Free Essay
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How have you or your perspective changed since the first week of class?

I have expanded my horizons and realized nothing comes easy. This has motivated me to work harder and smart to achieve my goal and objectives in the university. I have seen several people performing exceptionally well, the main reason behind their excellent performance is commitment and hard work, and this has to believe that nothing is impossible. Still, it is just a matter of time to reach the designated destiny.

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What did you learn about yourself?

I learned that I could achieve anything if I put the effort the required effort towards it. Believing in my self that I can achieve anything within my horizon and capacity has been my driving motivation ion life. Self-motivation is a crucial factor in achieving anything in life.

Why did you decide to go to school? Why now?

I was working in a manufacturing, manual labor role for years and realized this isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to achieve more and to make a difference. Therefore pursuing accounting as a profession was my interest, and because of this I did not waste any time but to make a move towards what I would be happy doing for the better part of my life. Change always starts with a decision and a step if you ever want to achieve anything meaningful in life.

Why did you choose the program you are in?

I wanted to account because I am good with numbers and statistics. And analyzing data. Realizing my capabilities and interest in life made me go for this profession. It is one of the disciplines in the field of business and economics that can make a person excel in life and improve the economic standards of the nation in general. I would like to advise any person interested in studying accounting or any other course that a step you make out of your comfort zone will significantly change your life and society as a whole.

What do you find interesting or exciting about your program?

That there are many avenues; you can pursue an accounting degree. Accounting as a profession can help you in the management of your business and projects besides the fact there are several other opportunities in the industries and organizations that must have the input of accounting for successful opportunities. Despite that fact, there are several places where you can pursue an accounting degree, and it offers a lot of opportunities in the employment field.

What do you hope to achieve as you pursue your degree? How about after you finish?

I plan to obtain my CPA and then land a job in the federal government sector. After my completion, I would like to engage and work in managerial positions within the world and accounting is the best profession that can make me achieve this.

What support is available at the university that you think will be important to you?

My career quest will help me tremendously. The guidance and experienced personnel in the field of accounting is a significant boost for anybody who would like to pursue and business-related course.

What support do you need outside the university, from family or friends?

Simple words of encouragement are all I need to keep me going. I might add my family and friends to support me financially incases I might not in a position to meet some commitments in the course of my study.

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