Essay Sample on Applied Research Methods in Psychology

Published: 2023-08-16
Essay Sample on Applied Research Methods in Psychology
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Research problem: Residents are not opening up during group process meetings (there seems to be a lack of trust or cohesion in the group)

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On the issue of residents not opening up during the group process meeting, this research will investigate the relationship between group size, trust, and cohesion, and commitment formation in the task groups. The theories by Lewandowski (2019) indicate that groups with more than six members produce lower trust, cohesion, and less commitment than small groups. The group's size is linked to the processes through an anticipated mechanism on mutual perception and the amount that an individual might consider what the others are thinking about them. The experimental studies by Lewandowski (2019) indicate the impact of the anticipated mutual perception on the influence, trust, cohesion, and commitment. Therefore, there was a study on the effect of having a partner closeness and the level of control over the participation. The group members were more convinced and influenced by the partners that they see more than the partners that they are separated by place and time. The status differences are also seen to affect and influence even with some partners being absent and having left information to be used by the participants.

There will also be an investigation of the group size's influence on the participant's interpersonal trust, commitment, and cohesion of the group members. The results, as presented by Nestsiarovich & Pons (2020), show that members in the large groups are less committed, and there was a negative association of members from groups with more than six members in association to the level of trust that is reported by the members of the group. There will be shown measures that were used to isolate aspects of the anticipated mutual perception that affected the development of interpersonal trust, cohesion as well as commitment. The group cohesion in the study varied in expectation and the competence of the group members. The expectations can be predicted significantly and will probably offset the adverse effects of having a larger group.

The study will also look for any evidence on whether the group members prefer to work in groups of 4-6 members and if it is consistent with the theory. The research will imply the ways that the organization groups and structures work and provide suggestions on the size of the groups and the individual characteristics as well as how the partners affect the way people form cohesive relationships (Romney et al., 2019). Trust is a vital aspect of the groups that promote cooperation, collective identity formation, and commitment. This research will support the growing literature on how micro-interaction promotes the engagement of organizations by promoting and detracting from any attribution of positive sentiment to small and formed groups in the organization (Nestsiarovich & Pons, 2020). I shall provide a theoretical background of the research as I review the collaboration in the workplace, and other groups interact most frequently, behaving as if they trust each other, which are some of the signs that a group is cohesive. The research shall also investigate on the kind of tasks that will require interdependence and their relation to the cohesiveness and trust needed to run affairs. I shall assume that the groups are set to some individuals that are mutually influencing each other.


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