Essay Sample. Application for a Scholarship

Published: 2023-04-10
Essay Sample. Application for a Scholarship
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Perimeter College is among the most famous Colleges in the United States of America, where several people have been able to attend their different courses and performed well and are successful in life. This is among many other reasons that have motivated me into loving the institution, and my desire to join the college has remained alive. However, it never seemed to come true before. The institution has several functional elements that make it a suitable place for students who wish to undertake a higher level of education and some of the reasons why it outstands include enjoying the benefits of honoring and recognizing the transcripts which are essential for students during graduation unlike in other institutions around which fail to acknowledge the transcripts of their students. Additionally, grading is done concerning the majors that the students select in their courses.

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The college also has high-quality tutors who deliver the necessary content to their students, which amounts to increased quality levels of education to the students in this college who make them outstanding in their lives, especially after graduation where they become high-quality professionals ready for the competitive job market. There are also good chances of obtaining scholarships in the college, which help the students who are from financially challenged backgrounds. This enables such students to acquire education, which is essential in their lives and allows them to live healthy lives. The college also puts the welfare of their students first to ensure that their students are safe while in the college for the whole period they will spend learning in the institution. These are some of the reasons why I firmly believe that is should be among the students who enjoy them at college.

I have my academic goals, which I want to achieve throughout the life where I wish to get to the highest level of education, which will help me in developing my career and other skills that are necessary to grow my career and to remain competitive in the employment market. After getting this scholarship, I will commit myself to work hard and holding high levels of discipline, which are integral in academic success. For this reason, I will dedicate my free time to finding out new things in the libraries to help raise my performance and eventually realize my ultimate dream of graduating among the best student.

After graduating, I will pursue my undergraduate, masters, and later PhD to attain my ultimate career and education height, which will be integral in my life and will also motivate other students to work hard as it pays handsomely. In terms of my career, I will commit myself to work diligently after completing my studies to touch the lives of the community as well as mentoring other students to continue working hard in their studies. Additionally, I will take part in career development seminars and workshops to sharpen and update my skills as education is dynamic, and things keep on changing steadily and significantly. I, therefore, look forward to getting the scholarship, which will be critical in helping me realize the dreams mentioned herein.

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