Paper Example. Analysis of MAC cosmetics.

Published: 2023-05-21
Paper Example. Analysis of MAC cosmetics.
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The animal kingdom has always shown uniqueness in how the different species try to attract their mates. The males have assimilated different modes of exhibiting beauty in their conquest of making an impression on the females. The mating time is a transition that has proven to be a challenging time for all the males as they exhibit different methods of becoming the best. Other than the animals, there are human beings who are also peculiar in their quest to attain dominance in beauty. It is so different from the other animals since, in the case of humans, the females are the ones who make sure they are most attractive. The women have shown tremendous effort in achieving the highest level of change in their looks. Also, it is essential to understand that transition in time suggests that the world is in a Laodecia, 'woman age' condition. Just recently, Beyonce Knowles, one of the best Hip Hop singers, sang a song titled, 'who run the World.' It is genuinely mysterious how the song portrays an evidence-based theme of who actually runs the world- the girls do.

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Women have grown to become very powerful as they take professional offices and also run successful businesses. All these factors have made the cosmetic industry have an exponential growth curve in recent years. The number of stores offering manicure and pedicure products and services has dominated the metropolis. Also, a clear figure in how powerful the industry is evident in comparing the wealthiest people in the world and their source of wealth. Bernard Arnault is one man who has threatened to take the top spot as Forbes proclaimed the richest man on earth. The tycoon stands at position three as of the moment and has the capability of surpassing his fellow long time competitors. The business mogul owns the cosmetics industry of diverse origins, the major one being Louis Vuitton. The validity of the powerful nature of the cosmetic industry and how it has a high potential for continuous growth makes the choice of MAC cosmetics best suit the current market trends in the globe. The following essay seeks to analyze MAC cosmetics using different business models and also come up with both conclusions and recommendations.

Make-up Art Cosmetics (MAC) is an organization that roots its origin in Toronto, Canada. Founded by two passionate artists who valued how people look, the company was destined for success. Frank Toskan, a make-up artist-photographer, and Frank Angelo, a beauty salon, implemented their vision of starting a cosmetic company in 1984.

Porter's five forces analysis of MAC

Porter's five forces analysis is one framework that shows the position of the organization in a competitive environment. The first force involves competition in the industry. The depiction of the lucrative nature of the cosmetic industry has attracted various and diverse business models and investors.

Since the industry reaps a lot and also the demand for the products is high, the competition involved is at the top-notch of the business environment. Every company involved wants to make a brand name that can stand strong. Chain stores and celebrities have found the cosmetics industry as an avenue to pursue side hustles that reap lucratively. Also, the next force involves the potential of new entrants to the industry.

The potential of getting into the industry strongly depends on the influence the starting company has on the population. Most celebrities have found it a suitable avenue. The force that analyses the power of suppliers provides a case scenario that depicts the powerless nature in retailing and also their powerful nature in influencing the market. The supply and demand curve is one of the ways which the suppliers can use in the alteration of prices.

Also, the power of customers is strongly affiliated with how the brand influences them. The moment they get used to a product, they have no power of price alteration. The potential of having a substitute product is so high that life is only drawn by the influencer of a simple alteration in chemical substances.

Local responsiveness of Mac

Another important framework necessary to evaluate the position of the organization is local responsiveness. It gages the degree of flexibility and dynamism of the organization in the quest to meet the demands of the customers in other geographic locations. As the company tries to maintain the brand, the maintenance of the products produced to meet the local preference, together with the culture of the business has to be prioritized.

There is a challenge faced by MAC cosmetics in competing with companies in other countries since they have to ensure constant production of products that suit other markets. It is difficult since they have to ensure they maintain the brand name and also meet the needs f the customers. The influencing power and the use of other marketing strategies will provide more avenues for other cultures to assimilate the products produced by the company.

Some of these strategies would include the use of celebrity figures in new countries. MAC cosmetics can meet the local preference in the best way known by the marketing department. Before Frank Toksan died, he was attending a marketing session in the state of Florida. This act shows that the company has a strategy of ensuring market penetration in other localities.

Which strategy is Mac following?

Th organization has designed diverse strategies that ensure successful penetration of markets on a global scale. One can ask why and how the company managed to establish over 1000 stores worldwide. The company has managed to develop different blends of pigment that are on-demand, according to the needs of the consumers. The use of diverse pigmentation and scent in cosmetics has proved to be reaping since the organization has managed to meet the requirements on an international scale.

Maintenance of high-quality products is another strategy used to elevate the brand name and thus never to diminish the products produced (Blank, 2020). The organization has also managed to develop different durable pigments that meet the desires of the customers. The company has mastered the art of customization. 'ladies are complicated' since they never want to have a product that matches or has been used b another lady.

The art of making a unique product through customization according to the preference of the customer has developed uniqueness. The company has also focused on customer loyalty, thus has ensured the satisfaction of its customers. The compromise of quality is not in their DNA. Also, the power of social media has made many organizations go viral and thus more receptive. The cosmetic giant also uses social media to market and inform its customers about the various products available. The use of all these strategies. Naming a few, have spearheaded the organization to soar to greater heights.

It is thus possible to provide a deduction that the company is using a global strategy since it seeks to advance its market at a worldwide scale.

Vertical integration or horizontal integration

Deducing whether an organization follows vertical or horizontal integration is also crucial in the art of evaluating ints strategic market situation and management. The strategy used in the management of the organization is vertical integration. This is where the sole company undertakes all the activities of the company.

From the production level to the marketing level, the company has maintained an approach where it controls all the points of its business activities. The production occurs in Canada (place of origin), Italy and some parts of the united states of America. MAC Cosmetics was involved in the art of manufacturing and marketing its products as I aimed at creating a brand name.


3C is another model that examines the factors needed for success. The capability of the organization is much more than how it can approach the situation in the market. The company has a variety of range of products that can be created through customer interaction. MAC cosmetics has a high capability of more penetration and diversification of its products.

The difference is the taste of the consumers is a factor that has promoted the ability of the business to get more market dominance. Another issue in the 3C's is coordination. Activities in the company occur in a precise and well-connected manner. From the management structure to the sales and marketing department, the aspect of making sure the brand name is promoted has been a sure success. Coordination is crucial for the organization since misinformation and misunderstanding would lead to customer dissatisfaction and thus decline in trustworthiness among the consumers.

Also, how the industry controls its activities is essential in analyzing the factors involved in success. The management of the sector has to ensure all the activities done in the sector are within the constraints posed by research, organization vision, and customer preference. The management of th MAC cosmetics has used its powers to ensure that they are in complete control of all its undertakings thus has established a network that runs well. The coordination in the industry is attributed to the ability of the management team to avail practices that force the staff to adhere to the standards in the market.

2 F's

Flexibility and focus are two terms used to evaluate the ability of an organization to have the strength and strive of self-drive. When a company has assumed a high degree of flexibility, there I a high chance of it to continually exist in the market ("" Teece 202-216). One cannot say that the company lacks flexibility because there is progress in market penetration and brand development.

It means that the company has ensured the flexible extension of its resources. Also, loss of focus is only in seen in the vision of the founding members. Since the market expanded due to the demand, the focus of selling the products to a particular group in the population changed. Contrary to the loss of focus, the urge of the company to maximize its revenue and maintain high-quality products are proof that the company is focused on the quest for success.

Globalization in business

Globalization is a diversified strategy that seeks to improve the marketing scope of an organization (Hsueh 85-102). The industry has managed to open over 1000 stores in the world. The drive posted by fashion has developed the assimilation of its products into other countries. He company has opened its stores in significant cities where they can gain high-profile people. The strategy is that they work from the high-population region then grow to other areas of the country.

The slow word-of-mouth strategy is worth for the company since it has created an excellent impression on the quality of the products. The company also seeks to offer products at affordable prices to the people who are in the working class category. Also, the customer service is so appealing that the quest of globalization becomes a success.

The one of a kind experience created by the organization makes it become inevitable and thus so attractive to other cultures. Another globalization strategy used is that the company strives to show thee, customers, the authenticity of its products by giving the celebrity treatment to the customers. It is also inclusive of the free product takeaways for the new market to familiarize themselves with their products.


In conclusion, the company has used various strategies to ensure that it has created a name in the cosmetics industry. The organization has the potential to expand the market scope of its current position.

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