AMC Theaters - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-22
AMC Theaters - Free Essay Sample
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AMC Theater is the largest movie theater in the whole world. For many years, the company has been performing well in selling of their services to people. Also, the firm has been using different forms of marketing communication to reach to their customers. However, the company's operation started decreasing its efficiency when the management refused to use a movie pass, as a way of reducing the ticket price. The management of the AMC Theater needs to apply other marketing strategies to improve and develop its services. Therefore, this task will review a new marketing strategy that AMC Theater firm should implement to handle the behavior of its consumers.

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New Marketing Strategy: Use of 4D

Currently, the world has been changed by the new technology. Most people are no longer attracted by movie halls, which do not use modern technology. Thus, when running some businesses like the AMC Theatres, the management needs to operate it using advanced technologies to attract customers. For example, the use of 4-dimension highly attracts people as they see the movie in a very clear way (SchĂĽtte & Ciarlante, 2016).

Consumer Behavioral Approach

Every company has its own targeted market group. The management at AMC Theaters firm should focus on a certain group of individuals. For example, youths are the best people that AMC should target as they are the major customers of movie companies. The company should also focus on in-depth interviews with their customers by asking them what they need or want to be produced (SchĂĽtte & Ciarlante, 2016). Thus, AMC Theaters firm will be able to provide movies with the contents which the client needs.

Attraction of Customers by the New Marketing Strategy

4D experiences highly attract more and more customers in the market. The reason is; most of people will wish to feel the actual experience of the movie. Thus, this marketing strategy makes people the customers to view a film as if they are experiencing it in a real way. Also, most of people love reality arguments. Thus, 4D will enable them to watch a movie in a different view.

Why the New Market Approach is Better as Compared to the Current Marketing Strategy

The new marketing strategy is essential to the company as it helps in reaching out to more and more customers in the world. For example, through Facebook, the company can be able to reach millions of people. Thus, this approach is better as compared to the current marketing strategy that the company has been using. For instance, AMC Theaters have been using Television and Newspaper adverts as one of its marketing communication (East, Singh, Wright & Vanhuele, 2016).

What Influences the Consumer Behavior Approach?

Different factors highly influence the behavior of customers in cinema companies. For example, cinema theaters should be located in a position or location where it is easily accessible. For instance, the management should be able to provide parking to customers who are using personal vehicles. Also, the cinema hall should be accessible to the individuals who are using the public. Cinema halls should have enough and comfortable seats for their customers.

Positioning and Branding at AMC

Companies need to explore and change the customer value relationship from its traditional form. The AMC has a new look as it has positioned and branded itself in new features. For example, the movies are featured online. It has also acquired a new identity whereby it has a graphical logo, which is surrounded by a gold box. The significance of this golden box is that the movie and services provided by AMC are of high quality.

Relation of Pavlov's Classical Condition and AMC Theater

According to the Pavlov experiment, where a dog was used to demonstrate, the food leads to salivation before conditioning, while the tone sound did not. For a couple of days, the experimenter would ring the bell and then give food to the dog. After this routine, the dog would salivate on hearing the tone of the bell. For this case, food was used as an example of the unconditioned stimulus, while the unconditioned response is salivation, as it also happens naturally. The conditioned stimulus is the tone, and it's irreverent, while the conditioned response is the salivation that occurs due to the sound tone (Palomba, 2020).

Pavlov's experiment also occurs in AMC Theater, whereby when they walk towards the cinema halls or the movie theatre. However, when people are watching movies from their homes, in most cases, they do not have the popcorn. Thus, this scenario shows how the Pavlov experiment on classical conditions is related to AMC Theater.


To sum up, identifying consumer behavior is essential to the company. For example, it helps the company management to understand what their customer wants and needs. Also, it enables the people to express themselves to the company in case of an issue; thus, the company management is able to improve the quality of the products or the services it offers.


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