Free Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

Published: 2019-10-08
Free Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes
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Currently, taking online classes turns out to be an activity that is practiced more and more. This is because taking online classes represents a comfortable and easy method that students can achieve knowledge in almost any field. There are various advantages and disadvantages of taking online classes.

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Advantages of taking online classes

One of the key advantages of taking online classes is convenience and flexibility. An individual taking a particular course can do it at any time during the day or the week. In as much as there are set deadlines for the completion of certain assignments, the precise time that an individual is taking the online courses often depends on the individual. Students are in a position to plan and take the online courses that are based on their schedules. The flexibility of the online courses makes it possible for the students to complete their courses.

The other advantage of taking online courses is the variety of the courses that can be found online. Some traditional universities do not offer certain courses. With online courses, one can choose from any university that offers such a course. Online courses also have the option of distance learning whereby the student does not have to be present in a certain class to complete a particular course. This means that it is less expensive as the students do not have to cater for transportation costs provided they have a computer and internet access. Furthermore, students taking the online classes have the option of completing entire degrees while at the same time working in between jobs. Finally, the other advantage of taking online courses is the ability of a student to improve their technical skills. This is because even the most basic online course that one decides to undertake requires the development and mastering of new computer skills to be able to master or navigate the various learning management systems.

Disadvantages of taking online courses

One of the key disadvantages of taking an online course is that the interaction with the course professor is limited. If the student has a particular problem regarding the online course, then they are most likely to contact their professor through an email. This is a disadvantage when compared to the traditional universities whereby students can meet with their professors even face to face.

The other disadvantage of taking online courses is that one has to be a self-starter. This means that in order for one to complete the online course, they must be highly disciplined. One has to be in a position that they can complete their work without supervision. If an individual normally finds it hard to concentrate outside a classroom, then taking online courses is not the best option that they can have.

The other disadvantage of online courses that students may encounter is the complete lack of supervision. If students were not motivated to complete what they started, then this would be a waste of time. Additionally, students who do not have the internet and computer skills may find it very difficult to complete such online courses.


In conclusion, there are numerous disadvantages and advantages of taking online courses. Some of the advantages include flexibility and convenience whereby students can work at their own time and the relatively low costs. Some of the disadvantages may include little or no interaction with the professors, the need for internet and computer skills, and the lack of complete supervision.

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