Free Essay: Admission Into Graduate School As a Physicians Assistant

Published: 2023-11-15
Free Essay: Admission Into Graduate School As a Physicians Assistant
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The main reason I believe I deserve a graduate school position to study Emory physician assistance is that it has been my passion to provide solutions to people with health issues. My prior experiences greatly contribute to my desire to join the profession of medical assistance. For instance, in my 20s, I used to help Ann, my friend, who was suffering from breast cancer even though I was a makeup artist. I also helped my mum, who were battling allergic reactions, and both experiences made me gain great expertise in medical assistance. My mum and Ann's skills made me learn how to follow instructions and work with medical staff. Additionally, I think I qualify for a chance in the Emory PA graduate school since I have a high grade from my degree in biology, where I got a GPA of 3.22 with good passes in sciences at the GPC.

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My desire to help people to improve their medical condition has made me develop the desire to do something related to medicine. It is that desire to assist patients that sent me back to school at a late age even though I was working as a makeup artist. I have since developed the zeal to improve their lives by boosting their health in healthcare centers. I want to join the medical assistance staff to solve the acute shortage in the number of medical personnel in America and the world at large.

My choice of going back to school at a late age was due to the experience of helping Ann with her cancer ailments. The interaction with Ann's condition made me discover that I was compassionate and enabled me to learn basic medical solutions. As a student of biology at the GSU university, I did a lot of research, and I became able to look for solutions to problems. My early age also prepared me to become an Emory PA. Since my parents were busy looking for means of survival, I was responsible for mentoring my younger siblings. Therefore, I had to offer emotional support to the younger brothers and sisters, which made me gain a skill that is important in Emory, PA.

Nursing of Ann's breast cancer made me know some basic medicine. Although Ann is no longer alive, her impact on my career is very significant. Out of serving to help the friend with her condition, I gained some very important aspects required in the field of personal medical assistance. I have also lived in different types of environments and interacted with various classes of people. This experience has made me be able to work with diverse kinds of people.

While serving as a patient care assistant in a home healthcare setting between November 2014 and November 2015, I gained great experience in personal medical care. Some of the activities that I carried out in the unit were helping patients in wheelchairs, ensuring the patients take their drugs, and tracking their condition. I also worked in conjunction with the PT and OT team to ensure effective stabilization and transfer of patients. The experience at the health center made me gain insight on how to handle patients with chronic diseases.

My willingness and desire to learn will help to achieve the mission of personal medical assistance by making me able to get solutions to medical issues. My ability to think critically will also help boost the possibility of achieving the mission by becoming a dynamic personal assistant who can offer compassionate services to the patients. The fact that I have already gained knowledge and experience working with other healthcare professionals will make it easy to provide high-value service and therefore help achieve the professional mission. My passion for offering solutions to members of society will cause me to fit in the profession and therefore, will make me help in achieving the personal assistant mission.

The Emory program will make me grow professionally as personal assistance and help me become more effective in providing healthcare assistance. The program will also help me to become more dynamic in service delivery. The program will also help me to achieve my dream of saving more lives through medical assistance.

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