Essay on Achieving Success: Setting Goals for Students

Published: 2023-11-15
Essay on Achieving Success: Setting Goals for Students
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Setting goals is essential to achieve a successful life. According to Dotson, setting goals helps students to identify clear directions for success as they focus on achieving their desired accomplishments (46). As such, students should be able to set both short-term and long term goals that will help them obtain a successful life.

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For the student, one of the essential goals to achieve within this academic year is learning not to procrastinate such that the student performs all duties without entertaining laziness. The student aims at being dedicated to her work such that he or she performs tasks to the best of his or her ability. Another goal for students is learning how to be focused on their duties such that the students avoid being distracted by activities that will deter them from accomplishing their tasks. Similarly, students also set goals that will help them to become better people in the future, such as volunteering at an animal shelter or an orphanage. Students also set goals that will help them to make the right decisions in life, such as attending college or university to help improve their chances of being successful. Additionally, creating goals that will help students to improve their social skills and help them to enjoy their youths is essential. It can be achieved by setting goals such as joining a social club or exploring a singing or theatrical talent. Nevertheless, the most important goals for a student in high school are improving their GPA scores to help them gain acceptance into their dream universities. Finally, an essential goal for a high school student is to graduate from school with excellent scores.

Setting mid-term goals can be complicated for a student. However, setting goals that can be achieved in five years is beneficial as it will help them focus on the bigger picture. For this student, one of the most significant mid-term goals is making an active savings account that can provide financial security in case of an emergency. Furthermore, the student can aim at achieving stability through actions such as owning an apartment. Similarly, the student should aim at completing tertiary studies such as attaining an ADN or a BSN. The students should also aim at establishing a stable relationship, such as getting a boyfriend or even a fiancé. The student should aim at achieving physical, emotional, and mental stability. This stability can be accomplished by activities such as jogging, joining an extra-curricular activity group, or volunteering.

Setting long-term goals require significant effort from the student as it requires focus into the distant future as well as the overall accomplishment of the student. An essential goal for the student would be a success where the student aims at attaining a successful life. Furthermore, the student seeks to achieve financial stability. Additionally, achieving the goal of marriage and family harmony is essential as the individual will settle down with a partner and have children. The students should also aim at achieving career passion where they are passionately enjoying their profession. Another important goal that the student should aim at achieving is attaining a peaceful life that is free from unnecessary stressors. The student can also aim at achieving a comfortable life by residing in her desired state of Texas. Finally, the student seeks to achieve stability by owning a lovely house and a good-quality car.

The student should recognize that to accomplish these goals, he or she should set a specific action plan that will help to illustrate the activities that will maximize success for the student. Moreover, the student should be able to create monitoring processes that will enable him or her to ensure that he or she will be motivated to achieve the set goals. However, the student should not forget to celebrate the successful accomplishment of every goal. This celebration is essential as it will remind the student of the importance of the efforts as well as the improvements in goal achievement.

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