Free Essay on Academic and Career Goals: Computer Information Systems

Published: 2019-08-15 06:38:58
Free Essay on Academic and Career Goals: Computer Information Systems
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I have always nursed a fascinating admiration for technology and the comprehensive role it plays in various societal segments. Worth noting is the fact that technology emanates from computers and pose immense effects on every person in the society. The implications posed by computers and their technology has led to a rise in the demand for Information Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge by everyone in the society. My passion for Computer Information Systems does not necessarily emanate from the increased demand for ICT knowledge. The core reason as to why I find Computer Information Systems course fascinating is the knowledge gained from pursuing the course. My passion for Computer Information Systems initiated my pursuit of a project exploring the use of computer applications in the field of business. As such, I enjoy exploring the manner in which businesses utilize ICT as a means of increasing their competitiveness in different market segments.

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My academic goal is to obtain a degree in Computer Information Systems. As I reflect on my childhood, it is evident that I had an innate interest in computers. I was fascinated by the way in which computers provided an array of applications such as Internet access applications, which eased access to various kinds of information. Pursuit and completion of a degree in Computer Information Systems would enable me to develop practical technological applications that can support different organizations including businesses. It is of the essence to note that a course in Computer Information Systems covers various subjects including mathematics, software design, networking, business, and communications. For this reason, I would be more interested in the business aspect of this course, which mainly explores the use of technology in the contexts of business. Overall, my passion for computers was an assurance that I would pursue a major in Computer Information Systems.

Upon attaining my academic goal, I can begin my career as an information systems developer in the field of business. There are various career goals that I will yearn to achieve as I pursue my career in the field of Computer Information Systems. One of these career goals is to enhance my performance attributes. Precisely, I will seek to increase my effectiveness and productivity, which will make me competent in various concepts aligned with my career. My second career goal is to make career progress, which will be possible through earning promotions. My third career goal is to earn an executive position; a goal that will only be possible is I exhibit competency in my practice as an information systems develop for different business organizations. Besides, part of my career goals is to learn new skills that would enhance my competency. I will attain this goal by ensuring that I enroll for various training that teaches the use of computer information systems in the context of business. I understand that pursuing a career in Computer Information Systems is requires hard work, discipline, and dedication. I am well prepared, and I have confidence that I will attain my academic and career goals.

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