Essay Example About Deleuze

Published: 2019-05-30
Essay Example About Deleuze
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The book of the discussion presented attempts to present an insight into traditional approaches to data analysis. The ideology used in the discussion tackle various developing challenges of data analysis. This statement provides clarity on the different qualitative analysis methods used over the years. The authors of the book, Jackson and Mazzei use different reasoning grounds to justify the existing challenges in data analysis. For example, the discussion on coding is dominant in various presentations. Additionally, the mention of thematic analysis further adds weight in the book. A point to note is that the two authors discuss various approaches that researchers may use complex alternatives in data analysis (Jackson & Mazzei, 2012). Such a point is clearly illustrated in the case where plugging-in alternatives are provided.

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Thinking with Theory in Qualitative Research is a book that provides alternatives to qualitative analysis developed insightful research work by Jackson and Mazzei. For example, the two authors insist on the review of traditional data analysis methodologies by urging researchers to use modern approaches that employ trends within the social life. In lieu of such a perception, the two authors discuss the use of diffraction for accurate results in any case study. Notably, the concepts addressed in the book are a significant pointer to the changing society that necessitates advanced research methodologies (Jackson & Mazzei, 2012). The general ideology emphasized in the book is the need to develop alternative approaches to addressing a matter of investigation in a qualitative data analysis plan or objective.

Another significant point to note is that book by Jackson and Mazzei provides an alternative approach to dealing with qualitative data analysis by the use of a philosophical line of thinking. In this regard, the authors argue that language is such an effective way of understanding any kind of presented data. The use of such a methodology is to develop ana advanced approach or way of communication. Such a point is elaborated by the two authors in the sense that language provides a unique code that differentiates various topical matters. This statement means that in any complex environment the language may be used to simplify matters or provide a transparent line of thinking (Jackson & Mazzei, 2012). Importantly, the use of such a technique advances the research work to a modernized society or culture.

The basis of discussion in Thinking with Theory in Qualitative Research develops from a practical approach by the two authors during an interview with first generations academicians. The results of the interview paved way for a different line of thinking and approach in dealing with qualitative data analysis (Jackson & Mazzei, 2012). Evidence to support such a presumption develops from the realization presented by the two authors in the context that foundation is basic in data analysis. As such, application of different approaches in qualitative research entails the use of poststructuralism, an approach that entails data interviewing.

A conclusive way to present the report on the book Thinking with Theory in Qualitative Research is that the main ideology of any quantitative research work develops from critical review of available data. This notion emerges from the line of thinking presented by Jackson and Mazzei as way of introducing advanced research work.


Jackson, A. Y., & Mazzei, L. A. (2012). Thinking with theory in qualitative research: viewing data across multiple perspectives. Abingdon, Oxon, Routledge.

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