Paper Example. A Test of Visual Memory

Published: 2023-08-24
Paper Example. A Test of Visual Memory
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A researcher is interested in studying the effects of different levels of distraction—none, low, and high on scores on a test of visual memory. Participants are randomly assigned to one of three conditions: no distraction, low distraction, or high distraction. All participants engage in a test of visual memory. What is the independent variable? What is the dependent variable?

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The dependent variable is the test on visual memory. This is because that is the variable being tested and in the experiment and is fully dependent on the independent variables.

The independent variables are the different levels of distraction that are being tested. This is because they are the variables that the researcher has control over and they will have a direct effect on dependent variables.

Define the hypothesis, and provide an example.

A hypothesis is a proposed explanation or supposition based on no or limited evidence used as a starting point of indepth investigation. In a reaserch it is pu as a statement about the relationship between variables. It is a specified prediction about the outcome of an experiment that can be tested. An example is: Cocacola is the largest company in the world. This statement can be tested by researching and comparing Cocacola with other large companies.

What is an operational definition of a variable? How might the variable sense of humor be defined operationally?

The operational definition of a variable is that it is a specific way where it is measured in the study. It is the steps taken by the researcher while testing and manipulating a variable to get the results

What is the difference between correlational research and experimental research? Why does correlational research not imply causality between the variables?

Correlational research is research where the researcher looks for relationships between variables that occur naturally without changing anything while experimental research is research where the researcher makes a change and investigates its effect on the variables. Correlational research does not imply causality between variables because the researcher does not change the state of the variables.

What is validity in counseling research? What is reliability in counseling research? Why are these concepts important?

Validity in counseling research refers to how accurate research carried out is in answering the research question.

Reliability in counseling research is the extent to which a research method produces consistent answers.

In counseling research, validity and reliability are important as it shows the strengths of research and also at times its weaknesses.

What are the different scales of measurement? What is the optimal use for each scale?

  • Nominal scale. Is used to measure items that are divided into different categories and lack a structure
  • Interval scale. Is used when rating things such as services where one is given a range
  • Ordinal scale. Is used in rankings such as position.
  • Ratio scale. Is used when comparing two or more items together

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