Free Essay with a Reflection of the Writing Course Experience

Published: 2022-11-04
Free Essay with a Reflection of the Writing Course Experience
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Based on personal experience from the writing course that helped me in composing effective essays, I would say that it proved to be one of the most challenging although educative sessions ever taken. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear of an essay writing exercise, for instance, is the fact that ideas have to be closely linked and adequately organized to culminate into a perfect piece. A cause and effect essay, for example, needs to be carefully woven and requires proper planning and organization of ideas before commencing the actual exercise. Otherwise, one can easily feel frustrated and possibly give up. While reflecting on the stages followed in composing an essay, I realize that composing a thesis statement and organizing the ideas to encapsulated all the desired arguments was quite challenging although it turned out to be a spectacular experience.

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In preparation for the writing task, it is critical to read various materials to understand what the topic covers or entails. Fortunately, a lot has been written about the process of writing the different types of essays, and many examples are available in English textbooks and over the internet. With the topic identified and a glimpse of what is expected of perfect composition, I learned to write down important issues to cover in brief. Fortunately, ideas continued to flow about what I would write about and on how I would connect the ideas to support the thesis. I was careful to note down almost everything that came to mind since I did not want to miss important details during the writing process. With an idea of what I wanted to write, I started thinking about the thesis statement the way a musician would be thinking about the title of an already composed song.

Structuring the thesis statement took me as much time just like coming up with the ideas that I wanted to include in the essay. Often, it would take me up to eight hours cumulatively to compose the causes and establish their linked effects as expected of a cause and effect essay. Similarly, I did not seek to formulate the thesis statement in one sitting. I knew that writing a thesis statement is a challenging task, especially for novice writers. Thus, I revised my first statement more than five times before I called on a friend to review it. Every time I read the statement, I realized something was still amiss and would review it since I wanted a thesis that made an argument and presented a comprehensive idea. Eventually, I had what I could term as a perfect thesis, which enabled me to organize my ideas seamlessly.

In overall, I would say that the entire learning process was a fascinating experience despite being quite challenging. With a carefully structured thesis statement that serves as the backbone of every essay, the composing stage becomes easy. I revised the piece only once and was satisfied that all the ideas wound to the main idea presented in the thesis. From a personal evaluation, I consider the course as successful. However, I realize that regular practice will make me a better writer. Besides, I not only want to focus on writing a single type of essays but also want to learn and perfect in writing any English papers. I also intend to read widely such as to learn from the writing styles of experienced writers.

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