Essay Sample on A New Way to Think

Published: 2023-08-08
Essay Sample on A New Way to Think
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Generally, people behave differently depending on their situations of life. Of course, life is not the same for all of us, so it seems odd to assume that everyone will behave like the other regardless of their situation. Just like in the workplace, one can identify the character of certain people who glide with a lot of ease up the ladder. The same applies to real life. When one observes life from a broader perspective, two categories of individuals get revealed. (1) Individuals who seem to have mastered the skill of living a successful life, and (2) individuals who still struggle to make ends meet. In the first statement, the term mastered does not refer to individuals who have amassed great wealth or are occupying positions in some sophisticated careers. No, the real meaning of “mastered” in this context refers to people who are content and are mostly even if not always happy in their day-to-day experiences, and also live a healthy and profitable life. Conversely, struggling individuals are not very happy, and life enjoyment is not their portion.

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What is the secret to a happy life? The answer to this question is just simple. The choice of things that we do every day of our lives is an excellent determinant of our happiness. By observing people's behavior, there are specific "Rules of Life" that get followed. Those individuals who apply these rules in life tend to get lucky, are more enthusiastic, and can cope with life better.

This paper targets to address the basic Rules of Life and how they get applied at a personal level and tries to solve a complicated organizational situation between Red and Blue Corporation.

A Personal Reflection

Following the Rules of Life is not a simple task. If it was simple, then all of us could be on the right track always. But why do we have lawbreakers? Why would a person kill a fellow human being? All these questions reflect the moral decay in society. The people who adhere to the Rules of life tend, as mentioned earlier in the introduction, to live a quiet and stress-free experience. Those who go against the rules always find it difficult in their day-to-day living.

However, it is difficult to follow all the rules. But individually, the beauty of the Rules is that they are attainable and straightforward (Templar, 2015). One can aim higher and meet the target or just pick one or two of the rules as the starting point. The rules that I will discuss in this paper help me cope with everyday life situations. However, I do not always follow them to the letter. Sometimes I fall just like anybody else, but the good thing is that I can get up and move on. I understand what I require to make my life sensible after the failure.

Personal Rules refer to the rules that help one to get out of bed in the morning, face the world guided by a positive attitude, and find a way successfully and safely throughout the day, regardless of any circumstance. These rules give us the best outlook, help to reduce stress, and assist us in setting personal standards and goals. There are quite many Rules that guide me in my daily life. They include, (1) Keep it Under Your Hat, (2) Accepting what is done is done, and (3) Accepting yourself. Let us discuss each one of them.

Keep It Under Your Hat

Not everybody gets pleased by a smart brain. So, I always make sure that I keep it secret. Sometimes I feel that I should reveal my plans to my close friends or my parents and relatives. But my conscience advises me otherwise. Do not. It tells me, "Let them find out by themselves." Sometimes it hits me that I am behaving unfairly, but later reality proves that I was even fairer than I thought. For example, quitting smoking was a burden. So I first thought of consulting my friends whom we smoked together. But no, I just decided it by myself, and as time moved on, I realized that I had made the best decision ever. When my friends later learned that I had quit smoking, at first, it seemed unbelievable but touched them. After one month, two of my friends confessed that they had also stopped smoking. So simply, this rule requires that one should not preach or propagate. Just keep it to yourself.

Accept what is done is done

People always make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes are severe. But making mistakes is not still personal or deliberate (Lukeman et al. 2010). Sometimes people make mistakes out of their senses. This implies that anybody might have behaved negatively towards me. This does not mean that they were necessarily horrid; it is because they were naïve, foolish, or human, just like I can also do. These mistakes might have caused relationship breakage. What I do is let go of any feelings of anger or regret. I just accept that I am a fabulous individual and ignore other people. What has already happened has happened, and life has to move on. For example, I was not brought up in a very stable family. People always looked at us as inadequate. At first, I felt inferior because I was just a child. But when I became of age and realized my potential, I assumed other people’s statements and moved on. This marked my turning point in life.

Accept Yourself

After accepting what is done is done, what one is left with is just him/herself. Going back to solving old issues is not necessary. You only work with what is available. The essential thing to help one move on is self-acceptance. Trying to become a perfectionist might not bear fruits. Otherwise, it might turn the opposite of your expectations. Just accept. Acceptance refers to admitting all the emotional lumps and warts, the weaknesses, bad experiences, and anything else that pulls you back. Recognition helps an individual to identify his/her current state and then work from that point.

Organizational Situation

Problem-Solving Using the Silver Rule

Regarding the problem at hand, Red Corp should inform Blue Corp of the Databases online. Then the two must agree on a mutual good faith non-use of competitor's information. We all understand that Red Corp and Blue Corp are business entities. If, for instance, Red Corp, after realizing that their customer Database was hacked and printed online, with its competitor's database, takes advantage of Blue Corp's information, that would be very unfair. Hazards happen to everyone. Therefore, taking advantage of a fellow competitor in the name of the business and maximizing profits is not the right gesture. In business, there is what is called "Fair Competition." Both Corporations should work together to find a solution to their shared problem. Perhaps, in the future, Red Corp might experience an even more severe problem that would need Blue Corp to intervene.

Concerning Sagan's Rules, the Silver Rule applies more accurately to the above scenario; do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you. If Blue Corp got involved in the hacking and publishing of Red Corp’s customer Database, then the truth will get revealed later. The incredible gesture posed by Red Corp to Blue Corp might help Blue Corp realize that not everyone rejoices in oppressing the vulnerable. However, when taking action, Red Corp must keep in mind that they are still in business. They must solve the problem wisely.

Applying Carl Sagan’s Brazen Rule

If Red Corp takes advantage of Blue Corp by underbidding and stealing their customers, then the best thing for Blue Corp is to retaliate. Retaliation, in this case, applies because Red Corp's action means a loss to Blue Corp. Harming a partner means you are ready for anything, even if it results in physical injury. Two, ignoring Red Cop's attack would have adverse effects On Blue Corp, such as losing customers, reducing profits, and even potential business termination. Red Corp should pay for their action of ruining another Corporation.

Relating the situation to Sagan's Rules, the Brazen Rule seems appropriate. "Pay kindness with kindness, and evil with justice." You should do unto others just as they do unto you. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Forgiving Red Corp for their uncouth behavior would render Blue Corp as a weak business competitor. When dealing with matters of business, sympathy does not apply.

Business termination means some people will lose jobs and lose customer trust. This is not a personal issue affecting one person; it affects a group; thus, understanding the situation will not favor Blue Corp. On a battlefield, the enemy shows his strength by fighting back. If Blue Corp assumes Red Corp's action, Red Corp might think that all other competitors are vulnerable just like Blue Corp. They might tend to extend their behavior to other corporations, which finally might result in economic problems.

Comparing and Contrasting the Silver and Brazen Rules

My approach to the two situations between Red Corp and Blue Corp led to a different application of Sagan’s rules. In the first scenario, the silver rule seemed to fit because neither Red Corp nor Blue Corp had prior information about the hacking of their customer databases. Therefore, it would have been wrong for Red Corp, being the first to realize the situation, to exploit Blue Corp just because they are unaware of the case. Informing Blue Corp of the situation was, of course, the most ethical and human action. The question that arises is; will Blue Corp cooperate to solve the issue? However, Red Corp should not look at it negatively. Red Corp can assume Blue Corp's state and act like they would expect Blue Corp to behave towards them.

However, the second scenario is different. Red Corp seems to have no mercy for its immediate competitor. Since they opted for underbidding and stealing Blue Corp's customers without their consent, Blue Corp should take serious action towards Red Corp unsympathetically. However, the step by Blue Corp should target to solve the situation rather than being too personal peacefully. Blue Corp should have in mind that everything they do can get reciprocated in the future. Tit for tat is a fair game. Everyone should have a defense mechanism that will help him/her when attacked by an enemy. But before defending yourself, study your opponent first to know what motive he is attacking you with. After this realization, appropriate action is taken, bearing in mind that losing and winning are all probabilities.

Being moral does not mean oppression. Morality is not a vulnerability. It merely means, self-realization. Therefore, any actions intended to harm or compromise one's value and trust should not get tolerated just in the name of morality. Power and strength summarize it all. Being strong means you can fight but not necessarily win, but power comes from within. One does not have to fight to win; you just need the ability to conquer. Mostly, businesses use monetary power to overcome their competitors. Blue Corp must use all the control at its disposal to make sure Red Corp does not outdo them in business.


Being too fair sometimes has serious disadvantages. Think of it this way; Blue Corp realizes that Red Corp is stealing their customers but does not take any action. What if their business gets ruined? What if they get framed by Red Corp and face legal punishment? All these questions help to understand why being just is essential. Silence is a solution to problems where one has nothing to lose. But when it comes to situations where dignity, respect, money, and trust get compromised, then critical solutions ought to be sought.

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