Essay Example: A Master's Degree Program

Published: 2023-10-15
Essay Example: A Master's Degree Program
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With this letter, I am writing to inform you of my interest in the Master's degree program in International relations at XX University. Currently, I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, and I desire to engage in a better understanding of diplomacy. My confidence stems from my success and determination in B.A. business administration, having obtained a GPA of 3.68, promoting my development, and creating a robust candidate for the competitive program you are offering.

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I have spent the better part of my life in Florida working and studying, and it has been my dream to explore the world, helping my country in issues dealing with diplomacy. I intend to continue further with my studies at your university, which possesses' diverse opportunities associated with my professional aspirations. I am committed to international relations because of my desire to achieve extensive international experience. There are numerous cultures that I have read about I would like to experience and hone my language skills to interact more efficiently with multiple people from every phase of the world. I have an intermediate fluency in Spanish but speak English fluently. Spanish is also a minor subject in my Bachelor of Art in Business Administration course. Additionally, I have enrolled in a linguistic class to augment my language proficiency scope.

Like other young adults, I have wanted to spend my life by making a difference and leaving a mark rather than just making a living. My ambition seems a blur, unfocused, or vague, but it became ostensible after I was given a position at Living Proof in Jacksonville, Florida. Although my post is freelance sales and education coordinator, I work in collaboration with highly trained and dedicated individuals whose goal to offer exceptional client service and better connect on a personal level with the clients. Their idealism inspired me, and it fueled the desire in me to work at a more significant level and connect with individuals with different experiences.

Obtaining a master's degree in international relations will be a pivotal addition to mt knowledge base due to it being international and multidisciplinary. Various meetings and programs organized by the university have enlightened me on the profound diversity of students. Also, I have listened and debated on critical matters linked with the international political agenda. I am a much inspired and diligent student, and these values have helped me complete assignments and exams. Therefore, I am confident I will be successful in completing the minimum 36 credit hours through excellently finishing the common interdisciplinary core of required courses. Also, I will develop a plan that will ensure I attend the classes from the seven departments across the two colleges. I believe joining your university and pursuing the Master's program will help me attain my goal and gain knowledge and insight regarding international relations and diplomacy. I am especially excited about the prospect of studying under the direction of Professor XX.

I am looking forward to gaining exceptional skills and a cutting-edge grasp on the matters affecting the world and how they are grounded in history. Most importantly, I am hoping my application will be considered with favor basing upon my potential to effectively serve my country in matters regarding international relations and diplomacy. I have conducted my due research on the coursework associated with the program and the university profile matching its reputation. In case of any inquiry, please contact me from the information on top of the letter.


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